Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

31 01 2008

Finally got the call from our financial adviser, I’ll call her J.N., but thpicture-47.jpgings are a go now. She got a call from FHB. Preston and I got our “special loans” approved. His for $9.5K and mine for $7.5K. We meet with her and finalize things with the bank this Saturday. Although I really am not sure about how things are going to work out, at least according to Preston’s closest friends and his parents. I know they would never lie to us. Which to me that means that we are that much closer to financial freedom and so much years cut away from finally being able to look into buying our first house. I’m excited and completely positive about so many things. If we stick with this my options have expanded exponentially!


Music classes.



You see that smile on my face?! It’s from this great news. I know it’s not much, but seriously I don’t smile in a lot of photos.

In other news, when the hell do you we get out refund checks? Can I just as Bush to cut me a check?

No but seriously, this week has been hella slow. Nothing to do at work. Nothing exciting to do at home. Correction, nothing I want to do at home. I’m literally just twiddling my thumbs. lol.

I have to look into prices and come up with some faux itinerary for a trip to Nor.Cal. My stepbrother graduates from college this spring. That’s in May or June, but along with the rest of my family we won’t have enough vacation time yet alone money to go then. So my stepsister and I are trying to aim for mid-August.

I think it would be freaking awesome for literally the WHOLE family to go on a vacation. That’s 14 people just painting Nor.Cal. red. 101 and J.N. really came at  the right time for Preston and I. If not I’d be saying no the whole trip at the mere mention. I haven’t even started paying for our trip to New York yet. But things are really looking hopeful.

Grrrrr to Mondays!

28 01 2008


That’s all I have to say about Mondays! So no pictures this weekend. Maybe I’ll just make it a Monday thru Friday thing. Who knows. I went on hiatus from the internet. We need to get some things done and if I’m glued to my laptop all week, accomplishments must be finished on the weekends. On other news, I’m seriously one pale filipino. lol. I’m not emo today, just not a very smile friendly picturesque person. 😛

This weekend we met with a “financial adviser” so help us rid our debt and get us on the path to buying a house! It looks pretty promising. I’m staying pretty positive about it though. We are currently waiting to hear back from the bank. Mainly to see if we are qualified for a “special” kind of loan.

According to our financial adviser our credit score has to be above 650 for our ‘special’ loan. At the time I didn’t know what my score was, but I was confident that it was well above that. Only because when I got the loan for my Jetta 2 years ago, it was around 670.

But to sit here and wait till the end of the week was killing me. So I checked it online. It’s above 680 I can tell you that. Preston did his too. It’s above 700. So it’s more than promising. It’s practically a guarantee.  But I won’t count my eggs too soon. I’ll just count them slowly.

Since we’ve been focusing on being financially free I’ve been studying and reading up on tons of things. Raising our credit score, investing wisely, making every penny count, and best of all working towards a house.

I feel so grown up.

I want my daddy here to hold my hand still.

Over the weekend I was shown a new path, as I would like to call, on how to think. This may seem corny, but it makes sense to me. If you watched the documentary about The Secret, or even read the book you probably understand this already. I haven’t bought the book because I can’t quite get myself to buy a non-fiction/fantasy book for $17.

So I’ve been ghetto about it.

Every trip we take to Wal-mart Preston pushes the cart and shops while I walk around with the book in my face. So if I continue on this path I’ll finish the book . . . . . in 2 months?

It’s all about the Law of Attraction. We made our selves who we are today just by what we think. That we are capable of bringing the things we want in our lives just by our thoughts. Sort of like karma in a way. I don’t know to explain it, but I’m hoping that when I finish reading the book I have a better understanding.

Since I’ve read the book I will honestly say I’ve incorporated it into my life. I’ve been feeling pretty damn good. Some pretty good things have been happening. I don’t know if its coincidence, but I don’t care this weekend has been awesome.

Although it’s Monday and Mondays = craptacular, today was pretty good. I was granted my wish for no gregarious work and the least amount of irritations. I even got to get some prices for a possible trip to Nor Cal. :/

Even though I had to wake up at 6am, I’m pretty freaking happy.

It must be the sleepy time pills.