My Many Visual Transformations

28 06 2008

I just realized this after post an excerpt on Cafemom, I know I like to cut my hair, but I really didn’t know how often. Or even how much till this post.

Over the course of 3 years I’ve had 3 dramatic hair cuts. Sure I get a trim here and there, but 3 major cuts each year since 2005. Here’s your visual: (FYI: It’s pretty picture intensive)

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A new boredom.

21 01 2008

picture-4.jpgSo I’m embarking on something new. Plus it gives me a reason to use my web cam. I will be taking one photo, starting from today, and posting. My photo may or may not come with an entry, but non the less it will be posted. It’s a way for me to really see the changes I make this year. 2008 here is my first picture and entry on a big road that lays above me. This year feel so different. Like I know some great things will be happening this year. I don’t know what, yet alone when, but I can feel it in my soul, in my heart.

FYI I finally bleached some highlights into my hair after one year of pure black dullness. Naomi was the last person to dye my hair.  I was, am, aiming towards shocking platinum blond. Think some where along these lines before and after. But my evil thick black hair takes bleaching like kids love brussels sprouts. So its more blond than platinum. At my next touch up it will be closer to what I want. Then eventually I’ll go back to blue and purple.

You should watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  It’s pretty good.