Thursday Thirteen #11: August Wrap Up

27 08 2008

This is the August Wrap up. 13 very significant days this month.

  1. I made 3 years with The Company. 8/1
  2. I am finally divorced. My great grandmother’s funeral. 8/2
  3. I sent my son off to start Kindergarten. I didn’t cry or have a panic attack. 8/5
  4. I began the process of changing my name – e.g. my SSN#, driver’s license, bank accounts, etc. My son also gave me a heart attack because he didn’t get off the bus and the bus driver thought he was on the wrong bus. 8/5
  5. FINALLY convinced Preston to get rid of his crappy 95 Honda Accord. Nothing wrong with it, just don’t like Honda. 8/10
  6. We traded in 3 of our 7 cars – 2001 Volkswagen Jetta, 99 Chevy Blazer, 95 Honda Accord. Yes, all our cars run, legal, and insured. Insane huh? Preston bought me a 2004 Toyota 4Runner for my birthday. 8/13
  7. I turned 24 years old. 8/16
  8. I celebrated my birthday with 4 other family members of which I didn’t even know they birthdays fell in August. Hell I only knew 3 of the 4 people on that cake. But it was awesome. 8/17
  9. I attended my first official open house and school book fair, as a parent. o.O I finally bought my son a Recaro Car Seat, w00t! 8/20
  10. I bought supplies to start a hobby of soap making. 8/23
  11. We went to the beach twice on complete opposite sides of the island. I hate the beach. But I had fun. 8/23-24
  12. I attempted to body board and ate shit failed, but it was TONS of fun. 8/24
  13. Best one, I had my son for the last 5 weeks. J. always had an excuse ….. reason ….erm…. screw it, he was always too busy to pick him up. 7/20-8/28

I write it out it seems like I had on hell of a busy month. I guess I did, it went by pretty fast.

Thursday Thirteen #10

14 08 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

13 People/experiences/things I am grateful for happening over the last 24 years.


My birthday is this Saturday, I turn 24 years old. In some cases I am much to young to have experience a lot of things. It’s hard to choose just 13 things that have really formed me into who I am. But I did my best and here they are.



  1. My dad – I spent half my life thinking he hated me. When I was at my ultimate lowest my mom “tossed” me aside, but my dad quickly came to my “rescue” and pick me up from the slums. Literally. He gave me a second third fourth chance I needed.
  2.  Past/Present/Future Friends – No matter how short or long, insignificant or great, how cruel or blissful, or even how useless of a friend it was I walked away with something. A wonderful memory, a long time friend, wise words of wisdom, and sometimes just the appreciation of being in someone’s life. Even the painful friendships I’ve learned to pick myself up and walk away just a little stronger.
  3. Technology – I developed an incredible love for everything electronic before I was 8. My dad used to fix TVs and VCRs. I loved the smell of circuit boards. Not kidding. At 12 I loved HTML. Back in the dial up days I would spend hours on AOL just for if it wasn’t for cable and DSL I have no clue how I would function. If it wasn’t for cell phones I’d be a F/T SAHM glued to my phone at home in case anything happened to my son at school.
  4. The Scar on my right eyebrow – A shopping car fell on my head when I was 7 or 8, maybe even 6. It’s a reminder to me that the more dangerous things in life may be the best fun, but it comes at some cost. So live life on the edge and to the fullest, just don’t fall off. And don’t let things fall on you. 😛
  5. The Company – As of August 1st, 2008 I’ve been working for them for 3 years. That’s the longest I’ve ever committed to a single company. The next longest is 9 months at Hilo Hatties. In 3 years I’ve met a lot of people, people that have encouraged me to push myself way beyond what I thought my limits were. I’m able to support my family, my son and I have some pretty amazing benefits, I love the people I work with, and above all I love what I do.
  6. Going to College – Now it may have only been a community college and it may only be just a two year degree, but it’s much more than most people have. Especially a statistic like me. I was 3 months pregnant with my son when I graduated high school. No goals, no ambitions, no plan whatsoever. My dad and stepmom pushed me to go. 2 years later I had an Associates Degree in Applied Science for Electronics. Before I graduated I was offered a full time position working for The Company. What made this an amazing feat was that I had my son with me the whole time. I gave birth during finals week my first semester. I aced all my finals. My goal now is taking online courses towards Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.
  7. My mom – Sadly she isn’t a great role model in my life. But she is some sort of model. As she’s grown up (or lack thereof) she’s made (and still makes) many “mistakes”. Mistakes she’ll probably never own up to. But in turn she’s has given me many examples on what NOT to live by. Mistakes I’ll be sure to never make. Mistakes I’ve learned from. From her I learned how much I want to keep a bond with my children. How I want them to look up to me and be proud to call me their mother. Hopefully one day, my mother will see my examples and changer her ways.
  8. Not quite growing up – When I look in the mirror I don’t see the person that’s about to turn 24 I see a kid. Just a kid. Me. In a sense yes I am an adult and mature, but in a greater sense I’m just a BIG kid. I don’t know if I will ever grow up. Not sure I want to. I love cartoons, anime, manga, toys (e.g. Legos, video games, K-nex, etc.), dressing up, and assortment of other childish things. I prefer watching a good cartoon over the NYSE, Oprah, or a chick flick. I’d prefer to play in a kiddie pool with water balloons and water guns with 6 years olds over coffee with the adult crowd. I’m not trying to remain a kid, I just prefer to enjoy the finer things in life and relax than take every moment so serious. Life is much too short for that. Besides kids have better imagination of what life is all about.
  9. Juvenile Detention – Way back when I was a rebellious one I landed myself in juvenile detention. I think I was the least harmful one in there. I met some interesting girls. I was meek and incredibly scared. Scariest 4 weeks of my life. But I made it through. A little braver, much stronger, and with a greater sense of where I don’t want to lead my life towards.
  10.  Marriage and Divorce – So technically I’ve been married for 4 years and “with” my husband for a total of 7. Of those 4 years of marriage 3 years were spent fighting a divorce and custody battle. I married for every possible wrong reason and I suffered the consequences. But I never walk away from a mistake with taking away a good lesson. In the end I found someone who I do truly love.
  11.  Being Homeless – For the greater part of my senior year in high school I was homeless. I was 18, still a bit rebellious, and left my dad’s house. It was my choice, but in the end my dad didn’t let me back in and it turned out for the better. I lived in a tent on the beach for a few months. I still attended school. I maintained my grades to a B average. I graduated and amazed myself. I was really depressed during this stage. I was making all the wrong choices. I was with the wrong people. It took a huge life changing experience for me to finally step back and fully re-assess my life.
  12.  My boyfriend – Preston and I have been through some crazy ups and downs. We balance each other well. Literally opposites of each other. He’s ‘tamed’ my ways and keeps me pretty grounded, some times. He has given me the most unconditional love (outside of my son) that no other non-family member has given me. He is my best friend, my wall to ‘beat on’, the shoulder to absorb my tears and snot, my lover and above all my partner in crime. I don’t know what lies ahead of us, but if he’s by my side nothing seems too bad or hard to handle.
  13.  My son, minion, heir, and savior – When I found out I was pregnant in high school the whole world stopped. I looked at what I surrounded myself in and realized it’s not all about me. It’s about us, him. I didn’t want my son to turn out like me. I wanted to give him the best chance in the world that I could possibly give him. I want him to be surrounded with love. Love not just from me, but from important people in my life too. In return my son saved me. Gave the whole world a real meaning to me. If I didn’t have him I promise you I’d probably be drunk in some ditch somewhere, working at some crappy barely paying job, probably on the verge of dying. You know the sad thing of it I’d probably think I was happy. But my son changed that he gave meaning to life. Not just my life, but the life of everything and everyone around me.  

Thursday Thirteen #9 : The island lingo.

30 07 2008

So different states have different accents and some how people always know where they come from. So naturally Hawaii has one too.

It’s called Pidgin. I personally don’t talk pidgin, because as local people would call me I’m haole-fied. Haole means foreigner, but most likely referred to a Caucasian person. So since I don’t speak pidgin I obviously speak proper English. I just personally think it doesn’t sound the most intelligent. But to each their own right?

FYI pidgin isn’t used on all islands. “Full pidgin” is most common on Kauai. Maui has some full pidgin, but not like Kauai. Big Island too. Oahu is almost like the mainland, so not too many people use pidgin there. So here I shall teach you 13 of the most commonly used slangs and phrases.

1. “Brok Da Mout” – Broke the mouth meaning it’s tasty and delicious. So good it “broke” your mouth.

Ex: “Ho! How da food? Brok da mout!

2. “Bumbye” – meaning later on, whenever you get around to it.

Ex: “So when are you going to do this? BUMBYE!”

3. “Grind” – meaning to eat like there’s no tomorrow!!

Ex: “Guy I so hungry. We go grind!”

4. “Hapai” – your pregnant.

Ex. “Is she fat? No she stai hapai wit one girl.”

5. “Moi Moi” – meaning sleep.

Ex: “Ok hunny you go moi moi with mommy.”

6. “Panty” – meaning a wuss, sissy, wimp.

Ex. “Guy no be one panty it’s not that bad.”

7. “Stink Eye” – meaning mean or hard look.

Ex. “My mom had give me da stink eye wen I had come home late.”

8. “Wala’au” – meaning to talk a lot. Direct translation means diarrhea of the mouth.

Ex. “Why so late? My sistah n I was wala’auing all morning.”

9. “Planny” – meaning plenty, a lot of.

Ex. “We get planny food already no need cook.”

10. “Talk Stink” – meaning to talk bad about someone.

Ex. “My ears stai ringing someone must be talking stink about me.”

11. “Dirty Lick’ns” – meaning spanking.

Ex. “My mom going give me dirty lick’ns if I come home late.”

12. “Choke” – meaning a lot, plenty

Ex. “How was the party? Had choke people.”

13. “Da kine” – meaning the word you use when you can’t remember what you want to say. Most widely known phrase.

Ex. “You had take da kine to go see da kine yea?”

FYI if you don’t know what “da kine” is from the start of the conversation you might as well give up. lol.

Thursday Thirteen #8

6 02 2008
Thursday Thirteen #8
13 Reasons why I still love TV
13 TV shows I love. lol
1. Most Extreme Elimination (MxC) – I really wish I knew what they were saying rather than the ridiculous narration. Regardless it is hilarious to watch. I want to go on that show with Preston. It really is one of my dreams. lol.
2. Blue’s Clues –  With STEVE. I could watch him all day. Plus it’s cute and one of the very few shows I can actually enjoy with my son.
3.  G4TV – Practically everything on this channel.
4. Online courses – Speaking for school. They can broadcast our lessons and rerun them two times a week.
5. Ninja Warrior – It’s awesomeness put in 1 hour!
6. Nip/Tuck –  Who doesn’t love some drama mixed with plastic surgery and Dr. Troy’s as?
7. Smallville – I’m a superman fan, sue me.
8. Heroes –  Yes, the mainstream sucked me in. But it really is a good show. I’m there for Peter Petrelli.
9.  American Gladiator – brings back the nostalgia when I used to watch it back in the 5th grade.
10.  Music Channels – Not MTV or VH1, but when you get up to the 800s channels there are channels dedicated to one genre of music each. It beats searching for a CD or MP3 list while cleaning house.
11. TVLand – Although I am only 23 I love Get Smart, Lucille Ball, Superman, and The Honeymooners.
12. Cartoons – I would name them all separately, but it would take up majority of my list. So cartoons such as Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad, Drawn Together, etc etc.
13. Discovery Channel and the News – There were both tied.

Thursday Thirteen #7

23 01 2008

13 Insane Things that Ran through my head today.

1. Dum dum dun dummmmmm dum dum (I had some random theme song stuck in my head of which I never knew the song so I dummmed)

2. “If Nyx got a jelly bean stuck up his nose would I laugh or freak out first?”

3. “Why is the ‘Z’ capital on AriZona green tea?”

4. “I think I’d laugh . . . . yeah I’d laugh.”

5. “How can they call it flip flops?!?! It’s slippers. Slip on. Slip off grasshopper.”

6. “I wonder how long I’ve had this pencil up my nose?”

7. “. . . . . I think I should pay some secret government agency to create my zombies. That would be awesomeness in a bottle.”

8. “I’m so a ninjinian pirate. No need to choose between the two. I can so be both.”

9. “No, I’d freak out. Definitely freak out. . . . . . . . then I’d laugh.”

10. “Wow I really am the youngest female at work. I so pwn.”

11. “If I had magical powers to do anything I wanted I would make my own zombies. Then they can attack me and I won’t have to spend any money on the government.”

12. “I don’t get it. I see the moon. Yea that’s the moon, but it’s noon. Shouldn’t the moon be on the other side of the world? God I’m an idiot.”

13. “I’m pretty sure I have a higher probability of getting it stuck up my nose. In that case, I’d definitely laugh.”

Photo Hunt #4: Small

14 12 2007

Photo Hunt


Theme: Small


Small lizard


I really don’t know where this guy came from. He kind of just showed up on my desk at work. This is one of my few attempts at trying to take a “professional” picture. Granted it was taken with my point and shoot. So I’m kind of happy with it. But whatever happened to this small guy I’m going to go with natural causes, because his body is pretty well preserved. How he got on my desk is a different story. I think this guy looks pretty cool.

Thursday Thirteen #5

5 12 2007


13 Amazing things that happened to us this week.


1.Playing in the most unsanitary mud pit. It’s been storming here and when the rain let up for just a little bit I decided to go out and play in the mud puddles with my son. Since it’s been raining he’s been cooped up inside. We had tons of fun, got really dirty and he seeked his revenge on me with the water hose.

 mud pit


2. Our trip to Oahu. It was for Short Stacks 4th birthday. Although we are prematurely celebrating a week early. This weekend he has opened my eyes as to how much he truly loves traveling. Everything from checking in to picking up our luggage just amazed him and he loved it.

Oahu Bound.


3.  We actually had tons of time to spare to check out the Waikiki Aquarium. I’m so glad we did. We spent a fair amount of the morning in there.  And the Clown fish really do look like Nemo. lol. Short Stack loves fishes and I’m sure he is patiently waiting for us to set up the fish tank again. But the fishes we say at the Aquarium were simply amazing. Not only that, but I got some great shots of my son. These being one of them.

here fishy fishy fishy

4.  Nothing beats sharing and being a part of my son’s favorite hobby, cars. We went to Hot Import Nights and checked out nearly every car at least twice. I found my beautiful dream car. A Nissan 240sx. It was gorgeous. Short Stack and I both wanted sit in it. 😦

Zoom Zoom

5. Then there’s also nothing like watching my son blush when meeting a girl that has taken his heart, KT SO! She really wanted to hold him and tell him Happy Birthday, but he turned instantly shy and hid his face. Regardless, even though he was so speechless he didn’t like passing her table without say hi first.

Kt So

6. I didn’t think I was capable of it, but since there was no other kids in there – being that it was 8am – I played in the McDonald’s play place. Please don’t ask how hard it was to get in and out, but let me tell you it really smelt funny.

Playhouse fun

7.  Nothing beats capturing Kodak moments of The Beau torturing our son while he sleeps. Come on you can’t say you don’t do that too.


8.  So I may not believe in him. And I may not have the greatest imagination to keep up with my son’s imagination about Santa, but if his heart is really there and it keeps that sense of imagination, mystery, and excitement in his heart and eyes then I guess I can’t hold back Santa from him. I couldn’t help but become as excited as Short Stack  was to see Santa. It was like making my son’s dreams come true. He was antsy, anxious, excited, scared, and curious all at the same time. He made me want to sit on his lap and ask for something. I didn’t realize this, but my son made sure that guy knew where he lived, what he wanted, his name, how to spell it, and if he forgot to call my cell phone for directions. I wonder if Short Stack gets that paranoia of forgetting from me? lol.


9. Even though I didn’t get to watch the game because we went to the car show instead, University of Hawaii is undefeated. They beat Washington, which I thought was a miracle because the last I heard of the game the score was 28 – 14 in the 2nd Washington in the lead. I really thought UH was going to lose, but damn they pulled that miracle out of know where.


10. In one day we accomplished ALL of our Christmas shopping for practically everyone. And if we get any more gifts it will be for us. lol.


11. The sexist, degrading asshole from my work has left work for the rest of the year. I get to deal with his better half, JV. Sadly, I have to see him some time in January. But for now it’s a good thing.


12. I can finally start counting down till we are on our way to New York! I can’t wait to see you G-mama! Oh and you too G-papa. lol. But to bring Short Stack to finally play in snow, go sledding, ice skating, watch the ball drop, and tons of things more. I can’t wait.


13. On top of having an already amazing week already, this is the week I actually get to reminiscence almost 4 years ago being completely bloated and being the most anxious and impatient pregnant person in the world. Waiting for the day that I finally get to hold my beautiful son in my arms. Hear his first ear bleeding scream. Kiss his gorgeous head. And FINALLY be a mom. Though this was the hardest week of my life waiting for him, it was the most valuable learning experience I’ve ever had and has been ever since.