Why Supposed Paradise?

Let’s break it down according to Dictionary.com

sup . posed [suhpohzd, poh-zid]

1. assumed as true, regardless of fact; hypothetical: a supposed case.

2. accepted or believed as true, without positive knowledge

par·a·dise [paruh-dahys, -dahyz]

4. a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness.

I chose the definitions that are my suited for my blog.

So we live in Hawaii, where to me it’s just home. Quite frankly anyone born and raised here see Hawaii as just home. No particular pizazz about hearing Hawaii. But to the to other 49 states and continents it’s considered paradise. I won’t deny that Hawaii isn’t beautiful, that it doesn’t bring you good peace of mind, or that there are many mysterious that are yet to be discovered, but that’s what makes Hawaii home for us. As “locals” here, we made that. Yet we suffer.

The price for “paradise” is a lot. Everything we need to function has to be imported. Which in turn we practically pay double of what it costs in the mainland. And if we ever brought that up to someone in the mainland you’d simply get the answer, “Well that’s the price you pay for living in paradise.”

What are you about?

Good question, I’m not totally sure. I’m a mom, a girlfriend, a full-time electronic technician, an ex-wife, part-time student, hoping-to-be-entrepreneur, wannabe web designer, amateur photo editor, daughter and sister. Most of all I’m a woman. I have my ups and downs. I cope. I move on. Maybe once and awhile I’ll take note of a few ups and downs for all to experience with me.

My family is my heart, my life, practically my everything. As individuals my son, my boyfriend and I go through many of our own trials and triumphs. Together and separately. I have family, of which I lack to keep in communications with time to time, and if by some means I can’t call and talk I like them having the option to stop by and read what’s up with us.

Why are certain things so secretive?

Well I’m not going to post my full name, social security and my mother’s maiden name for for the world to see of course. But seriously, last names will never be said here. The closest will be initials if anything. I also try to respect that those few times I write about my ex I am sure his name regardless of even if I use only his first, he doesn’t want to be mentioned. For those I’m not too sure about its first initial only.

As for work, it’s named after The Company because of 1) Heroes and 2) I wish to keep my place of employment secret. With companies starting to google prospective employees and current ones I wish to keep my name with as little returns as possible. I personally believe that what we as individuals do on our personal time shouldn’t reflect our worth ethics/morals or compromise our integrity as valuable employees. But that’s my opinion and obviously companies don’t see it that way. One small mess up could mean my job. Literally. My title is Electronic Technician, but I never go into detail as to what my job entails and I probably never will.

I never mention my son’s school because there are dirty pedophiles and stalkers in the world.

In fact I never mention where in Hawaii I live. I do my best to stray from that. But I will admit I live in Hawaii and happy that my family and friends respect that I don’t want our city widely known.

As far as my own prospective business that I wish to start up and run I will keep that out in the open. Like I said I’m a wannabe entrepreneur.

More questions that you want answered leave me an email at SupposedParadise@gmail.com

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