Lo and Behold…

20 10 2008

We may have to move again.

That sucks.

A lot.

We thought we could handle this, but as the months are going by and with the “opihi’ neighbors/tenants we have to deal with and how they jack up our utilities it’s wearing us thin.

Both out temper and our wallets.

As stated when we first moved in we paid for all the water and the electricity also included the water heater that covered the WHOLE house. In turn we get a $100 discount on our rent of $1400. Really it didn’t seem so bad.

The first two months it was just the 3 of us. Electric was about $150, water was $60 and our cable/internet was $143. No prob.

Then ‘they’ moved in.

Our electric on average is about $300-400/month. Mind you they pay their own electric we just happened to get stuck with the water heater. Our water bill is creeping up every other month too. I just received our water bill for the last two months. Can we guess how much it is?


Yea…. $393!

On top of rising utility bills, their damn kids are annoying. Disrespectful. Incredibly dirty ALL the time. Loud. Cussing all the time. Walks into my house whenever they damn well please. Rip off the screens of my windows to yell for Nyx to come out and play. I swear I just want to …….. I won’t say it. But I want to believe me.

Then the parents. They are always fighting. Admitted meth dealers. Smokes pot outside my front window all times of the day. NEVER watches their kids. Cusses them out all the time. And does nothing when their kids, break and dismantle my house and my son’s toys. I swear I want to . . . . . also.

So we are looking. I love this house though. It’s huge! It’s not perfect, but I’ve grown quite attached in the last 5 months. I ABSOLUTELY love the neighborhood.

Besides, packing and unpacking REALLY SUCKS.

But we are struggling with all these high bills. I cannot deny this. We can’t work around it either.

I feel like I have failed myself, but mostly my son. He loves it here. His room is huge. He has a BIG yard. We may have to let go of Deuce if we can’t find a place that will let us have him. After this last move I promised him we wouldn’t move again for a LONG time. What a lie that is turning out to be.

We are looking.

This sucks.

A Crappy September

15 09 2008

One would think that since I left August with a wonderful note that the greatness would carry over into September. Where in fact it just died on the 1st.

Yea this month really hasn’t been that great. I don’t blog or right much when I’m in a crappy depressing mood. Well I do but NEVER nearly as much when I’m happy.

It feels like summer just started all over again. It’s 9:40pm and I am sweating my ass off as I sit here. With a fan. Pointed right at me. 1 foot away. WTF.

But it’s more than that.

Bad news keeps rolling away, most I’m not entirely at liberty to talk about, and some I just don’t want to mention.

Somehow our money just evaporated into thin air. And we are here liquidating our crap to make up for the evaporated money.

The people I traded my car in to for the 4runner were supposed to take care of the loan. Guess what they didn’t. It’s been over a month. I had a collections agency call me last friday for my lack of payment and I was almost up shit creek if it wasn’t for Preston going down there today and ripping them a new one.

They still haven’t paid for like $400 of it. But it’s better tha nothing. I hate those guys. Once this resolved we are writing into the Better Business Burea to complain. This little stunt they did really did put a bad note on my credit history/score.

I know I checked.

Things seriously have been rolling down hill.

……… I picked up smoking again………

I hate it, but right now I don’t know a better way to relieve the stress.

The other night Preston and I sat outside. Kind of had to I was smoking a cigarette and he asked me how I felt. I wanted to cry, but couldn’t. I told him with everything that’s happening I just want to cry, fall into a coma, and wake up when all of this has been resolved.

He laughed. Then he went on to talk about buying a motorcycle some 250 something. Guys really suck at making you feel better. I was better off just talking to the dog.

Oh yea I bought a dog. The only great thing about this month

I’m going to go. I have to go through our bills now. We have a total of $70 to live off of till Friday. Most people will say that’s more than plenty. But really our case…… it’s not.

Just call me Queen Spur of the Moment Buyer

26 02 2008

Over the past week some pretty amazing things have been happening for me, us. We’ve been pretty positive about a lot of things and last week  was really spur of the moment.

We’ve been putting up with our small apartment and lack of privacy just because it was cheap and honestly felt this all we could afford. So over the last year we just randomly look at houses that looked like a pretty decent price. But last week was different.

I wanted a new place. The first couple places wee checked out I wasn’t very hopeful on. I wasn’t the least bit positive about it, so what happened naturally? We hated each place and hated the prices even more. There was one house I really wanted to see, but never got a call back on. So the very last moment I tried just one last time  . . . . . she answered, “oh come check it out now!” Damn straight I did.

I even stopped by the house to change, brush my hair out, and spritz some good some smells on. I was so positive about it and before we left the house I held Preston and said, “I want this house. I don’t know what it looks like. I want the landlord to want to give it to US and I want her to totally ignore the other wench that’s looking at the house with us.”

By the great Law of Attraction, it was granted. We practically walked in, loved it, and we got the place in less than 5 minutes. The other lady had a huge dog and I knew it was over with, we had the house in the bag.

The rent is a great price, we have a real garage, a yard, and huge storage for tools. This was only last Thursday. There was only one downfall. It doesn’t come with a fridge. But it’s ok because we get to buy what we want!

By Friday we were set on buying our 5th car. No we don’t want it, but it’s my dream car. Above all OUR first project car together. So Sunday we owned a new car.

Which arrives to today. The most hectic day in my life since my son was born.

Now if you were following along you might have gotten these assumptions, which are true:

1. I didn’t give my current landlord our 30 day notice, yet.

2. That means we pay rent for two places this month.

3. There is a security deposit for the new place.

4. We did pay for half of the car on sunday.

5. We need to buy a fridge, which the cheapest and best is around $1000.

So that means some pretty hectic dough going out. No stressing though.

So today I left work early to finalize a lot of things.

1. I paid for the registration for my Jetta and 240sx.

2. Safety on the 240sx.

3. Put insurance on the car.

4. Cut utilities for our old place starting April and turned on utilities for the new place starting March 1st.

5. Did my taxes.

Grand total? Let’s say I spent next month’s pay and then some.

I’m pooped and amped all the same time.

Next thing on my list is getting our fridge delivered. It’s stainless steel. Very sexy.

We’ve been packing, but I don’t know how to attack everything. It’s a bit overwhelming, but we have a month to move everything over.

Seriously though, without J.N. I wouldn’t have the money to do this at all. I would still be bummed and stuck in this tiny apartment.

Any one want to help us move? 🙂 I’ll love you forever. 😉

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

31 01 2008

Finally got the call from our financial adviser, I’ll call her J.N., but thpicture-47.jpgings are a go now. She got a call from FHB. Preston and I got our “special loans” approved. His for $9.5K and mine for $7.5K. We meet with her and finalize things with the bank this Saturday. Although I really am not sure about how things are going to work out, at least according to Preston’s closest friends and his parents. I know they would never lie to us. Which to me that means that we are that much closer to financial freedom and so much years cut away from finally being able to look into buying our first house. I’m excited and completely positive about so many things. If we stick with this my options have expanded exponentially!


Music classes.



You see that smile on my face?! It’s from this great news. I know it’s not much, but seriously I don’t smile in a lot of photos.

In other news, when the hell do you we get out refund checks? Can I just as Bush to cut me a check?

No but seriously, this week has been hella slow. Nothing to do at work. Nothing exciting to do at home. Correction, nothing I want to do at home. I’m literally just twiddling my thumbs. lol.

I have to look into prices and come up with some faux itinerary for a trip to Nor.Cal. My stepbrother graduates from college this spring. That’s in May or June, but along with the rest of my family we won’t have enough vacation time yet alone money to go then. So my stepsister and I are trying to aim for mid-August.

I think it would be freaking awesome for literally the WHOLE family to go on a vacation. That’s 14 people just painting Nor.Cal. red. 101 and J.N. really came at  the right time for Preston and I. If not I’d be saying no the whole trip at the mere mention. I haven’t even started paying for our trip to New York yet. But things are really looking hopeful.