Hello 2009!!!

1 01 2009

So I’m taking up a new “thing”, kind of a new years resolution.

I am participating in Blog 365. And I know judging on my past – being MIA and/or hiatus for weeks on end – I have no clue how long this is going to last me. But I shall try nonetheless. So Blog 365 is exactly as the name tells it. In some way or another I will write a blog entry everyday this year. It will either be on here, my son’s blog, or my project car blog. It also counts if I go old school and just write in my journal. Seeing that I have yet to touch any of our boxes and having no clue when I will ever get to it I may never find my journal. Most likely all my entries will be in a blog format.

Things have been interesting this past month. I caught a cold on the 9th of December which then turned into the full blown influenza on the 19th of which I needed to go to the ER, poked at, injected and knocked out. Interesting experience, which honestly  I don’t care to go through any time soon. I am only now finally getting over my cold.

But my cold didn’t stop me from enjoying the holidays and bringing in the new year.

Christmas was fun, but interestingly it was simple. I mean real simple. Nothing big or exciting. I have tons of pictures and videos to edit and upload. As soon as I unbury my computer that’s hidden under papers clothes and bags in my bed room. (Side Note: I’m using the Beau’s laptop for all internet uses.) My son pretty much got everything he wanted. I got a wonderful massage and facial treatment along with a 2 night stay in a hotel topped with 5 straight nights of wonderful dinner outings to some of my favorite restaurants. Sick or not I am not letting that ruin my great presents.

I felt bad that all I got Preston was some new clothes and Call of Duty 5. But he seem pretty content with it and didn’t get me any hassles because my present was kind of his present too.

New Year’s was pretty much celebrated the same way. We had Nyx so we didn’t go out partying anywhere. And even if we didn’t have him I don’t think we wanted to go anywhere. I feel that as I am getting older that whole bar/party scene doesn’t seem so exciting anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love going out still, but given a choice I’d much rather spend a relaxing time at home with my family, some alcohol and household full of laugther with the people that mean the most to me. We all have only one chance, better make the most of with people you care about than random strangers.

God I’m getting old.

So hopefully I’m off to a good start this year. I  still have to comprise my list or New Year’s resolution. There will be a couple cliches, but some new good ones too. Just gotta jot them down.


3 11 2008

As of late, tons of things are going on. Friends going back to where they came from, friends falling out – maybe she’ll stop being a douche – friends moving house to house, we are moving house to house, birthday party to plan, parties to go to, Thanksgiving, garage sales, and let’s not forget Christmas shopping.


I’m exhausted already. We started packing yesterday actually. Up until then we were just looking at our stuff and making mental notes as to what to pack, what not to pack, what to sell, and what to keep. But yesterday actually marked the start of it all, we packed up most of our unused linens, all of our DVDs and video games, and some of our vast library of books. This does not include the years of car, pc and video games magazines.


We are putting most of our stuff into storage because my dad’s house surely can’t handle the pack rat mentality of my grandmother AND me. So as time goes on I’ll slowly take things out of storage and sort though. Psft not that it’s actually going to happen, but I can still say and hope it right? LoL.


Oh I guess I never mentioned it before, but I’m moving to my dad’s house. It sounds pretty sad, 24 years old, a 5 year old boy and her boyfriend moving back to her grandparents/dad’s house. But really it isn’t. I’m secretly stoked I get to move back home because I really miss my family. And although they don’t show it I know my family is pretty happy too, although I do get harassment for it.


We are planning on getting rid of our debt and then start saving for my ‘secret wedding’ – it’s a secret because Preston doesn’t quite know about it :/ – and our dream house. Put it this way, living the way we were was insane. Our income was around $4600/month, but our out was around $3800-4200/month. How the hell are we supposed to save? So now we will be living with my dad and savings TONS. So instead of the average $4000 we take over the cable/internet bill around $150 and split the rest of the utilities. So that’s about………$400/month. Savings of $4200/month. Which works out in both of our favor, dad gets some relief with bills, we pay next to nothing, and we all end up happy.


I have a feeling Preston is just going to end up splurging. Which he admitted and felt he justified by saying, “Well we deserve to buy a few nice things since we’ve been struggling the last year.” Yea, ok, whatever hun.


But with everything going on I can’t wait till December. This month is jam packed with tons of things. To top it off I can’t really take off from work this whole month. Everyone put in their requests for leave back in March so when it came around July/August my boss said no additional requests for November. Which left only me, so I may get lucky on slow days – hopefully the 10th, 26th and 28th – to take off but I won’t know till the day before.


I just have to make do and hope for the best really. I really hope I don’t forget the most important thing yet. Nyx’s birthday, I haven’t started planning anything. It’s right around the corner and I’m still clueless as so what we should do.

Which reminded me about something, the other morning I woke up and Nyx was already wide eyed and playing in his room quietly. I wanted to spend some time with him before I left for work – it was a Saturday so I knew I wasn’t going to see him to till late afternoon – and we were talking about his birthday and Christmas where he then went into detail what he wanted. So I told him to write me a list, 2 actually one for me and one for Santa, as to what he wanted. But knowing my son he tends to forget these things just like his mom and dad and figured when I got home I would have to make the list with him. This is fine I always look forward to those things.


Well lo and behold I come home with this drawing and list on my desk. Preston and Nyx were both down for a nap when I got home from work so I had no one to jump with glee with. I wish I had taken a picture of it for right now. But on it Nyx wrote Hot Wheels, drew a picture of what he wanted, and his first and last name. I was in awe that he remembered and to be honest I thought the list was going to be longer.


When they both woke up I told Nyx thank you and that I wouldn’t forget. Then turned to Preston to tell him thank you for helping Nyx, in which he replied, “I didn’t help him. I thought he just drew you a random picture so I didn’t look at it and told him to put it on your desk.” I was just awestruck by that. My son did this by himself?!?! How does he know how to write Hot Wheels?!?! Either way I didn’t care, he’s growing up and he finds his own way to get things done.


In all we’ve been good. Things are changing at the work place, which means the old timers are scared because change isn’t good for them while we young guns know how to go with the flow and allow the change. It’s funny to watch though. But Preston and I are doing well, we hit a rough patch a little while ago but we are working through it and things seem real good. I’m sure it’s because of the stress of bills, moving, birthdays, and the holidays.


Nyx is excelling very well in school. He just had his first Halloween parade at school and was quite excited by all of it. We rarely have bad mornings now and his report card was awesomeness. Which matched his parent teacher conference.


To end it all, we hope November goes by real fast I can’t wait for that moment I can relax longer than a minute.

I’m back on my saddle

5 10 2008

A little side ways, not exactly ready to ride again. But I’m up there nonetheless.

I’m back to taking things in strides again. Which there is nothing wrong with that, but I feel that I am always taking things in strides. When will I be back to taking huge steps again?

October is one of my more favorite months, along with August and December 8th. This month tends to go by too fast for me, but while it whizzing past I enjoy watching all the Halloween decorations come out. I love picking new outfits. I love dressing up. I love all the oldie horror movies that are constantly playing on TV.  Above all I love the candy. It’s such a great interactive holiday.

So I am trying my best to not let crappy September carry on into October.

Actually the 1st started off a great month, we got a raise. Which equated to about $1.11 more an hour. Then it started off with my ankle being pretty healed up. It’s a little weak, but I can walk on it. I’m not being held down by those wretched crutches anymore. We get paid 3 times this month. My friend Levi came home for a month. We held a massive Oovoo night with Naomi and Devin, hopefully another one to come soon. Then there’s Halloween to end the month.

Not to say that it’s only the 5th so there are tons of great things that can happen from now till the 31st. So I’m pretty excited.

The only thing that bums me out just a little is that I may be, probably, late to order my costume from Trashy.com. I’ve ordered my last 3 costumes from them and love them all. Last year I was a sexy geisha/samurai, then there was the deviant nun, and before that was a naughty pirate.

I don’t know what I want be yet, but Batgirl is sparking my interests.

Preston has been doing good. We had a ‘syndrome’ scare last month. Which is still a syndrome, but not as deadly as the doctor’s worried it might be. He’s still recovering, but doing great. And with that scare his health has been the epitome of a huge change for him. He’s been attending church regularly, I have been a little reluctant. Church hasn’t really been my thing. He’s started working out more often too. He bought a weight bench set, running more often, and trying to be conscious about what he eats.

Nyx is really starting to enjoy school. Although it’s still a hassle to get him up and going for school in the morning, he isn’t so much a hassle dropping off. He gets out gives a big hug and kiss, then off he goes. He writes me cute notes at the end of the week. It’s usually goes along the lines of “Dear Family, I learned (insert letter) and (insert number). Love Nyx.” Drawn with whatever he learned the past week.

This is his first school break. Fall break, grr, he has tons of breaks this month. He had last friday off, this whole week, the following Monday (its Columbus day), the 17th and all half days from the 20th-24th. WTH?!?!

On a good side, he gets his first report card this money and parent teacher conferece. I’m excited. I don’t think he understands the meaning of all that yet. But he will the day he brings home a bad report card. lol.

East Coast Bound

27 12 2007

In the last 2 weeks I have not really had much time to myself. Yet alone time to really do anything online. I was lucky enough to download some pics I took edit them and then upload them for the world to see. But have I had time, any real time to wish happy holidays to the people that mean something to me? Why no I haven’t.

Do I have any time to really write a proper well thought out entry? Why no I don’t. But I am trying. I’m attempting to. It’s T-minus 6 hours 44 minutes. I am not done backing. We haven’t taken a shower yet. I have two boxes to pick up and dinner to eat before we leave. This is going to be hella intense. I’m glad Short Stack is going to be with me the whole way.

That’s if I don’t lose him.

I’m kidding. *knocks on wood*

We have 2 stops before our final destination. The first one giving me only 45 minutes from the time we land till the next gate I have to chase down. I think I have everything I need to amuse my minion along the way, I hope.

But hopefully when we land the G-dad will let me borrow the laptop to actually write about my Christmas adventure. Which in itself was insane.

Well Love Peace and Turkey Grease.



25 12 2007

I’m going to post date this because I thought I posted it previously, but obviously never went through.

So my son’s Wish List went like this, Power Rangers, Legos, and Transformers. But with a big emphasis on Transformers and huge exclamations on Bumblebee.

So there was mainly only one on my mind. The Ultimate Bumblebee. Of which I thought I had to buy from eBay at a jacked up price because Oahu and Kauai were all sold out. Grrrr to them. But I was lucky that on the tiniest whim I checked my Wal-mart one last time and AHA!! It was there. The only one! I swept in and bought it before someone else saw it. I wrapped it up the best I can and made sure it was the last gift my son opened.

To see his face light up, claim “this is my favorite!”, and fancifully – if that’s a word – did a great dance for me. Of which I share with you.
[livevideo id=DriftJunky]

My first company party. . . . .

16 12 2007

. . . . It was interesting to say the least. I had fun, in a sense.

Let’s put it this way, my boyfriend and I were the youngest there. Generally, my boyfriend and I along with 8 other people are the youngest people within the whole company. We are 23 years old. The next youngest would be 35 years old. Still young, but old enough to make us feel out of place.

We went because people from our department were going and my boyfriend thought it might be fun. It was. There was 2 bands playing. The first band played some nice contemporary music and the second band played all Kachi Kachi music.

It truly is weird to see the professional, well carried, and sophisticated co-workers drunk and dancing up a storm. Especially the woman who is the head of H.R. Then my boss who is drinking simple gin and tonic resisting the urge to just torture/harass the drunken H.R. department.

Then there is the guys in my boyfriends department. Two specifically. We will call them K and R. Well K and R drink together regularly 3 times a week. They go bar hopping everywhere, they do side jobs together, and they work on projects for work together. One might think they are together.  But K proves wrong without even trying. Left and right K was taking women to the dance floor. Showing each woman a great time. Getting in good with H.R. Impressing his boss because he was dancing up a storm with the boss’s wife. In all he swooning all the women. Including myself and I didn’t even dance with him. If you saw the way he moves and how smooth he is you would want to do him too. lol.

I was amazed by K. A few years back I worked with him, but different company. He was really nerdy and really didn’t  seem like the smooth moves kind of guys. He went home and played PC games all day. At that point yea I did have a crush on him. Yes, I do get the hots for nerdy guys – hence my boyfriend roflmao. But he really was and still is a sweet guy. He lost some weight, got a new wardrobe, and became friends with R. Now I’m wondering, why the hell doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Maybe he’s been so geeky and hidden in his mom’s basement for so long he forgot how to be with a woman. That’s if he has been with one. lol. I should really stop bashing him. Maybe it’s all really a charade and he is gay. hahaha. That would be something, but I doubt it. My gaydar didn’t go off.

Back to the party. I was drunk too. When we got there we watched the sun set, which is the prime place to be, then went straight to the bar. I haven’t really drank for damn near 6 months. I don’t care for it anymore. I like keeping my mind clear. Plus I am an admitted alcoholic. I gave in though. I know I was going to be safe. My boyfriend knows how and when to completely cut me off. So 8 Lemon Drops, 1 Heineken, 1 Cadillac Margarita, 2 Vodka Crans, and a Royal Flush later I was feeling good. Oh did I mention my “tolerance” is a little up there?

My boyfriend danced only one song with me. I don’t even remember the song – sober or not – but it we only danced because it was a slow song and Beau knew he would hardly have to move. He can not dance and I practically had to beg to slow dance. It was only 30 seconds at the most. I told him that I was jealous that K was just on it with the dancing. Then I asked if he would be mad if I danced with K. He said no, but I felt guilt behind it. Dammit if I had a boyfriend that danced, and loved it oo, like K he would be getting laid a lot. lol. Oh the dirty side of me.

We called it a night at around 1130 and my boyfriend danced with me in the parking lot. He was really trying his best. Which I thought was pretty good. Though I was drunk. It was fun and sweet. We danced a couple songs under the stars and went home.

I puked along the way. Good times, good times. 😛

Rain Rain go away. . . uhhh wait.

6 12 2007

Oh wait! No don’t go away. Keep on raining. Rain non-stop!

This is how I know winter is approaching. We get no winter in Hawaii, so raining is as good as it gets. I’m sick of the 24/7 hot sun shine.

So it’s been raining and cloudy for the last week. It really doesn’t look like it’s going to be getting any better any time soon. I’ve been appreciating it and taking as much of it in as possible. Besides I enjoy rain, I enjoy cloudy days and above all I enjoy thunderstorms. *Sigh* Sadly though I think I’m getting a cold because of it. Colds are common, rain is a rare luxury. So I will make due with the lemons I am given.

This has been an awesome week actually. Work has been pretty easy, due to the rain. I can’t do too much at work, safety, electronic precautions, and I’m lazy. hahaha. Short Stack has been hyping up the holiday spirit in the house. Mainly, he’s been cleaning our house like crazy because he needs to “make room for Christmas.” Not the Christmas tree, but room for Christmas. I don’t know how big Christmas is, but it’s cleaning my house and I am not complaining.

I’m pretty saddened by the fact that this is the first year I won’t have Short Stack ON his birthday. I get him the day after. But there was no way of working my way around this. I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years. Above all I can’t believe today is Short Stacks projected birthday. But I’m glad he came out on the 8th, I have this huge thing about numbers. I’ll dive into that later. It feels all too soon.  When it comes his day I have a special commemorative for him and a long list of milestones this year.

We got practically all of our holiday shopping done this year. Sadly, the “optional” people didn’t get anything. We had to cut back, but we got the important people, family, covered. Just because you don’t receive a present from us doesn’t we don’t love you. It’s just that we know it makes no difference to you guys if you get nothing. Besides you guys got swords from us last year that should be good for a few Christmas’ anyways. lol.

I don’t think The Beau and I will be getting anything for each other. The things we want are both the same and have decided to wait till after the holidays and a few months into the new year before we anything. Although I am sure we will both give in and buy small gifts. We haven’t even talked about our 3 year anniversary. After 2 years we are still arguing if it’s the 23 or 24th. After disputing about it last year we ended up forgetting about our anniversary all together because we were focusing so much on making the best day for Short Stack.