Photo Hunt #4: Small

14 12 2007

Photo Hunt


Theme: Small


Small lizard


I really don’t know where this guy came from. He kind of just showed up on my desk at work. This is one of my few attempts at trying to take a “professional” picture. Granted it was taken with my point and shoot. So I’m kind of happy with it. But whatever happened to this small guy I’m going to go with natural causes, because his body is pretty well preserved. How he got on my desk is a different story. I think this guy looks pretty cool.

Photo Hunt #3: Red

30 11 2007

Photo Hunters


Today’s theme is RED.



This was taken during Thanksgiving. We hung out at the dirt bike track and I regret it, a little bit. Mainly because he really wants a dirt bike now, but trying to explain to him he can’t get a dirt bike till he can ride his bicycle without training wheels is pretty difficutle. Such as trying to explain time to him. In which he gives me the look as seen here.


He always have these crazy expressions on his face. Especially when I say “let’s take a nice picture.” But I love these pictures, he makes them unique and memorable. I pray he never loses that enthusiasm and great sense of humor. That he will always be the bright, beautiful and smart child I see every day. I wish I didn’t ruin the pictures though. lol.



During the last minute I decided to add this. It’s obviously my suitcase and my make-up bang. *gasp* I know make-up. . . me? Don’t choke to death laughing. But we are just about done packing. We are ready to go to Oahu. Hard part is waking up 4am. But in that one suitcase carries my clothes, Beau’s clothes, Short Stack’s clothes, my make-up bag, 2 medium duffle bags, 1 large duffle bag, mini travel necessities, 2 hairspray bottles and shoes. And it’s really light too.

If you are asking why we have 3 duffle bags it’s for all the things we buy on Oahu. Believe me we can fill 3 duffle bags and the suitcase in less than 8 hours with presents for people. Plus Short Stack and I always wait out to buy things we want from Oahu, so the large bag and the suitcase is going to mainly for Short Stack and I. Maybe the Beau will get something.



Photo Hunt #2 “I love . . . . “

16 11 2007


This is a good topic. I was hunting, diving and desperately searching for a photo that represents something I love. I came to one conclusion I love everything. With that comes the impossible task of just picking one photo. So for your enjoyment, my satisfaction, and just the beauty of sharing the people I love I created this.


I love. . . . my life right now.

Where I am at. Where I live. I love where my life is at this moment. I live in a place where I am constantly surrounded by beauty and awe inspiring views are simply moments away. And when you want to feel alone it’s only a few steps away and it’s just you and endless skies.

I love. . . . my friends.

Over the last 4 years I have found out who my true and real friends are. Never swaying, never judging, never faltering, and above all ALWAYS loving friends. Each of these people have taught me so much. They showed me how to be confident again. How to open up. How to trust. I don’t know how I could ever repay them for all that they have done, but I love them as my own family.

Above ALL. . . .

I love. . . . my family.

I would be nothing without them. I need them to add the sanity to my insane life. They are a constant reminder why love and family are NEVER over rated in this selfish cruel world. They pick me up before I even feel down. Why am I writing this? For anyone that has a family they know and understand what I feel. I can’t explain it, but I really don’t know who or what I would be without them.

So in the end it comes down to two pictures. Pictures of the most important influences in my life.

I love. . . . my saviors.

The first picture is my dad with my son. One of the greatest things my dad has said to me is, “From the first love in my life you have now given me my second.” My dad took me in when I was at my lowest and he did it with open arms and endless love. Something I thought I lost.

The second picture are my classmates, my professors and I at our college graduation. They showed me what real friends are, what trust and faith in people can really bring you, and they pushed me to do better everyday. Without their encouragement and help I would have never finished or continued going to school.


I know this should have only been one picture, but giving such an open ended topic – especially love – it’s impossible. Especially when you have a life blessed with tons of love.


Photo Hunt #1 : Flexible

10 11 2007


So this is my first Photo Hunt. Today’s theme was Flexible.

Now I know this is just an image of my son, in fact its the same image under My Family tab. But behind it lies the definition of flexible, at least family wise it does.


Regardless of all the things happening in my life, whether it be school, work, sickness, id theft, family problems, etc. I must always be flexible enough for my son. Because he will always come first. His feelings, health and happiness are my number one priorities. I may have some pretty big important projects happening at work, but I am always willing at the first chance to leave the moment my son is sick, the second he is depressed and within the same heart beat that he misses me.


As parents we must learn to be flexible with all obstacles in our life. We need to remember that life will come at you fast, but if you aren’t flexible to make life work around your kids you’ll miss out on watching your kids grow up. Everything else in life can be made up and pushed back a little later, but your kids only grow up once.


Well this is my first whack at it. And honestly the only person that came to mind.