Oahu Bound!

29 11 2007

I am so anxiously waiting till we go to Oahu. Only one more day!

I love taking Short Stack around. His first trip was a few days after his 2nd birthday. We flew to California for a week to pick up my brother and sister. He was surrounded with a whole new side of the family. My side. It was scary, but exciting at the same time. But he loved it. He loved flying. He just loved traveling to a whole new place. Since then we have taken him to Oahu a few times and he’s always anxious to jump on the plane.

Although we won’t be “allowing” the rest of the family to celebrate his birthday with him they are more than welcomed to call and spend some time with him and give him presents. Which I’m sure they will be doing. But we have a very full weekend planned for him.

We are going to the Aquarium, Hot Import Nights, Dave and Busters, and I’m sure a bunch of other random things will come up. Hoping to also meet up with one of his hanai Uncles too. When we take him to dinner we will give him a couple presents, but he has full range of picking out the toys he wants from Toys R’ Us, K.B. Toys and Toys N’ Joys. I’d much rather him pick out what he wants rather than I guess because he changes his mind practically every minute.

In the midst of making this trip different from the rest we will also be attempting our Christmas shopping. On that note the people we are shopping for is insane. I didn’t think it was that long, but there are a lot of people we want to buy presents for. Then there are those “optional” people who don’t need to get presents for us, but we *er* I want to get them something.


I can’t believe I almost forgot. I have officially started my countdown to our New York take off. 29 days. I had a a countdown to the day I can countdown to the day I live. It’s sad I know, but it personally doesn’t feel as long.