Home Bound, Finally.

14 06 2009

It’s great to escape every once and awhile. To completely take yourself out of your 24/7 routine and environment and throwing yourself somewhere new. Especially some where you don’t know where you are going, what you’ll be doing, and just taking it one moment at a time.

I’ve loved the last 6 days with Naomi and Devin. We did so much, in a sense it was almost a blur, a fun blur though. They moved away a few years ago to further their lives, better their careers, and to grow into even more amazing people. When I was sitting at the terminal I was missing them already, but I know I”ll see them soon enough. (I might be back to Buffalo in September.)

There was someone I missed even more, my son. I called him every chance I got. I damn near had a heart attack my first night away courtesy of my ex-husband. But when he was home safe with Preston my heart was at ease. Temporarily. I missed him. I cried like a big baby. Guilt fell on my heart.

I didn’t tell him I was going to New York when I left, simply told him I was going away for work, and I’ll be back before he knows it. He’s been wanting to go back to New York ever since we left in January 2008. But due to budget and time I couldn’t afford it, especially since The Company moved my flight up a whole week. Nonetheless I never told Nyx where I went. I was afraid he’d be really upset.

Eventually the smart boy he is found out where I was. It went exactly like this,

Nyx: Mom I know where you are…….

Me: Where am I honey?

Nyx: You’re in NEW YORK! That’s not fair, you went twice. I went only one time.

Me: I’m sorry, but maybe when I come out again you can come. There won’t be snow though.

Nyx: I want to go when there is snow. I’ll wait till there is snow.

I guess I shouldn’t have overreacted, I should have just told him. But he wasn’t too bothered. He knew, he accepted it, then he made sure I brought back lots of presents for him. More specifically he wanted his Naruto ninja outfit with shurikens and sais.

I have to say, which I am sure is common knowledge, it is so much easier to fly west than it is to fly east. The flights didn’t feel so long, the layovers were short, before I knew it I was hope again. Here’s the funny thing, I had to get back to work the very next day. No time to really recover from jet lag. I landed around 730pm, home around 830pm and was straight to bed. I seriously surprised myself when I woke up at 530am and was ready to get to work.

We NEVER wake up on time to get to work.

Saturday was the samething, I woke up at 630am ready to get the day started. I was a mad woman. Preston really just wanted to knock me out. Even though I love vacationing, I have to say with all the stress and headaches I really enjoy being home the most.

What is even better, my brother Dustin and his girlfriend Kayla flew down on the 8th to visit. So I have some plans to make with them, things to do with my boyfriend and I definitely need to make up for Preston and Roxanne’s birthdays.

Oh to be back home.

9 01 2008

So I was fruitless in getting access to a computer. But that is no one else’s fault but my own. I didn’t want to touch the computers I knew would be available to me. I didn’t want to go online at all. I wanted to keep myself way from the internet. Period. I was on vacation and internet is my drug. If I even got a taste of it I knew it would all be over with, lol.

But I must say I could have definitely lived without the long flights. But my son had flying all that much better. No sarcasm there. He loved the long 6.5 hour flight to Phoenix. Even the 4 hour flight to Philadelphia. And yes even the short hour flight to Albany. Every take off he made it seem like it was his first time. Which I must say even excited me.

We were so anxious to touch the snow, feel the icy cold breeze, and above all see Naomi and Devin. It was 6 months since I last saw them and I missed them so much. Once we landed in Albany I knew the next 8 days were just going to be amazing. And what better way to end the year than with family/friends that want you there the most?

Of course we couldn’t start our 8 day adventure without some good ole IHOP. Eating some real food was just amazing after flying for a total of 13 hours. When we got there it was 28 degrees. Definitely the coldest weather I’ve ever been in.

Now that I am finally coming to realize the down fall of not blogging the last 2 weeks I wish I could have at least blogged at the end of everyday. But hey I did it old school, pen and paper.

It snowed only 2 days though. There was snow when we got there, but most of it melted. But it really snowed at the perfect time. New Years eve eve, it snowed about 7 inches and the next day it snowed another 3 or 4. It was nice. Correction. It was BEAUTIFUL. Simply breath taking. I was so entranced by it that I could almost trade in all the Hawaii sunsets for Delmar snow storms. I’m serious.

Short Stack was beyond excited. He was closer to borderline having near death convulsions and seizures because he was so excited and amazed by the snow. Although I kept the most watchful eye on him every where he saw fresh white soft snow he ate it. He just dived in and ate it. OK I admit it. I did too. But hey so did Naomi. Figured she lived there it must be safe. Nothing is wrong with her -ish.

We went ice skating at The Egg in the Empire State Plaza. Which was eventful to say the least. My adoring son gave us so much rash for not rushing to get him to the skating rink. So anxious to get there, but growing more and more upset at each stop we made that wasn’t the skating rink. Yelling at us because we were trying to buy him galoshes and yelling “That is NOT skating shoes. They are ugly. WE NEED TO GO SKATING!!” Please remember he has never ice skated ever.

We get there, he face lights up. We get our ice skates, his energy level sky rockets, we walk back up to the rink he is jumping out of his pants, and we touch the ice. . . . . .  “NO! I HATE THIS! I can’t skate! This is not nice! I want to go home!”

. . . . . .  what?

We tried and tried and tried again. No he screamed, he kicked, he cried, and he attracted about a good 15 people to our corner of the rink to stare and watch. Might I add New Yorkers are very nosy. Jeez, like they’ve never seen a child cry and throw a temper tantrum. So we got his shoes and he walked the ice. He finally had fun then.  So maybe another vacation, we’ll try again.

Our next adventure, why you must have guessed, a water park. In the dead of winter. DUH! Let me give you good advice. You can’t find a place in any mall, outlet, or damn near anymore in New York selling a bathing suit in December. WHO KNEW?!

Here’s another amazing thing. . . .  we were walking through Crossgates Mall and I see a very family yellow sign. We get closer and closer, then Naomi confirms it. . . .  it’s a damn Pacific Suncoast, PacSun. WTF?! Pacsun? East Coast? mmmm ok. No bikinis, but board shorts! In fact every shop we went to they gave us some damn near wierd, confused, and frankly dumbfounded looks. In the end I borrowed Nai’s bikini top and bought some new nifty board shorts. My ass is bigger than Nai’s so that would have never worked.

The water park was actually a part of this lodge, of which I don’t think I ever knew the name of the park. But it was fun. Very interesting to see the snow above us on the windows, but swimming around at the same time. But that water park also marked Short Stacks first “big kid ride”. It was like the white water rafting ride. He must have enjoyed it because he went on 4 times.

The next thing was New Years Eve, spent in Saratoga Springs. Though I wish I could have watched the ball drop in Time Square, it was not worth having my son, or even my best friend, abducted. We ended up finding out that 54 kids were abducted last year. Of which Nai commented since we would be so focused on keeping our hands and eyes on Short Stack that Nai would most likely be abducted because she looks 13, lol.

I am so glad we went to Saratoga Springs instead. The whole main street was set up for different activities, though we missed some of them. It was great none the less. Just before midnight we headed to the car, sat on top and counted down, errr I mean talked and joked till we saw the fireworks and realized it was the end of 2007! We drank our wine, hugged, I called my boyfriend, and then climbed our frozen asses off the top of the car. We were lucky enough to avoid and beat all traffic.

Can’t go to New York without visiting New York city. We did all the tourist things. Empire State Building, ferry to Stanton Island, see the Lady Liberty, Union Square, China town, and of course Time Square. In which Nai and Dev so devilishly got me hooked on what has the be the best Indian restaurant, damn the most restaurant, I’ve ever been to. It’s called Milon , it’s on 93rd First Avenue between 5th and 6th. It was so much fun, the music, the decor, the atmosphere, and the amazing energy the waiters have. Might I add the food was amazing, the prices were decent, and it was simply just the best eatting experience ever. I must recommend if you are in town check the place out. I promise you won’t regret it.

After a full day in New York city and freezing cold we headed home. Oh I have to add one more thing. When we first got there, right after leaving the car at the parking lot, I swear I thought we were going to be beaten by the pedestrians. We were trying to get Short Stack to wear his sweater, of which after all that time he still wasn’t accustomed to all the layers he fought and screamed. Since it was 19 degrees when we got there we felt it was absolutely necessary he wear his sweater. So Devin ended up holding him down, while Nai and I shoved his arms through the sleeves, and my son did what he does best kick and scream. People were standing and staring at us, until one of them finally asked, “What are you doing to that boy?!?!” UMMM well what else?!!??! “Putting his sweater on.” While I thought in my head, “because if you haven’t noticed it is freezing cold and my son only has a thin shirt on. So the sweater is necessary DER!”

We spent the last couple days just spending some quality time together and getting some gifts to bring back home.

It really was the best vacation I ever had and I really want to start planning our next trip. But I’m glad to be back home. I missed my boyfriend and the warm air. After all that, my son now has a stomach flu, meaning the beautiful scent of vomit and the breath taking art of diarrhea.

Tonight I’ll be able to get some photos, maybe a video up.



OK I realized it’s 2:06am so probably not.