Holiday Cheer Around the Corner

5 11 2007

So with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter Solstice, and Hanukkah just around the corner why is it expected to be more cheery and loving towards the end of the year? When obviously it’s the last two months of the year where people can be the biggest jerks and bitches. Though I wouldn’t doubt there were some years I fell into that category too.

Why can’t we be happy and cheery ALL year long?

I’m getting tired of the repetitive Happy Holiday greetings already. Why don’t you stop by or call to ask how I’m doing regularly? I can handle two or three 15-30 minute calls a month from my family all year long than being on the phone for 3-6 hours one day a year. It’s really hard to take in a whole year of updating in one phone call. It kills me. Aside from the fact I really don’t have time to stay on the phone for 6 hours talking about a 3rd replaced cousin or some long lost uncle that I really don’t know.

Come to think of it. Since I’ve moved here I don’t spend any holidays with my family. Christmas is really the closest thing we have to spending the day together. We really don’t do much, but the last 2  years we’ve done nothing.

Is this when, as a mother and adult, I  start my own real family traditions? Is this where I plan family gatherings? Is this now on my shoulder because my dad is so unorganized and my grandparents are a bit too old now? It’s scary in a way.

I liked sitting at the kiddie table, not having to cook or clean, and definitely not having to mingle with the family. But that’s the thing when I was living with my mom that I loved. Spending my Christmas and Thanksgiving alternating between Beverly Hills Aunt and Moreno Valley Aunt. They went all out. Arts and crafts. Awesome food. Seeing the 50-100 family members I don’t ever see. But it was fun.

I want my son to have that. I want my son to have those memories burned in. To remember that we have a HUGE family that un-noticingly do love each other.

I must put some thoughts into this. I’m lame when it comes to great holiday ideas. Dammit Nai you’re good at this help!

One down millions to go

28 10 2007

Before the year is over I am crossing off one more thing on my “Things to do before I die list. . ”

Spending New Years in New York. I bought me and Short Stacks tickets a few days ago and will be staying with my son’s Godmother in Albany. I’m excited. It’s also going to be Short Stacks first time in the snow and by far his longest flight. The only other place he’s traveled to is Oahu and California.

I’m not too worried though. He’s generally pretty good traveling. I’m going to be stressing our stop in Phoenix to Philadelphia. We have 45 minutes between landing and taking off. So we leave for NY Dec. 27 and come back January 5, 2008.

Whoa! 2008! That’s crazy.

Sadly, Beau won’t be coming with us. He didn’t want to. That party pooper. More so he couldn’t afford it on his end. But he wants to take Short Stack to Oahu the beginning of December for Hot Import Nights, again. Beau took Short Stack for his 3rd birthday last year and they both loved it! So Beau wants to make it a yearly event for us all.

So one things for sure Christmas budget for everyone else is going to be tight. Sorry guys, but my family festivities come first, lol.