I’m a traitor

21 08 2009

I  recently went to a “darker” side.

I’m at Squarespace, for now. I’m trying it out.

I like it.

So for “now” I’ll be there.


Deuce Fail

19 01 2009

So our dog is primarily a Jack Russel Terrier, with a little bit of Chihuahua. You can barely tell his dad has any chihuahua, so you can’t really tell by looking at Deuce. I’ll admit if he did look just a little like a Chihuahua I don’t know if I would have wanted him. I know that’s a horrible thing for me to say.

When we go Deuce, we did all sorts of research on him, bought books, spent hours on google, and listening to what other Jack Russell owners had to say about theirs pups.

So here’s what expected:

  1. Fast and Energetic, needs tons of space to run free.
  2. Attention whores. They love attention and needs constant affection.
  3. Loves to explore, they are known for being so adventurous that one of the worries is they don’t come back home.
  4. They have a Napolean complex. They think they are much bigger than they are and try to dominate bigger dogs.
  5. They can jump up to 5 feet high, biggest Jack Russell trait.

So those are the biggest traits of all Jacks’ and I was prepared for all of it. I was really looking forward to most of them, practically all of it. I take that back I want him to come home.

And you may ask, “How does Deuce fail?!” Let’s see:

  1. He’s energetic and fast sure. When you scare him to death!! He’ll have his boughts of energy running back and forth non-stop for an hour, but then he’ll just walk around doing nothing. But the moment a cat scares him he’s like a lightening bolt.
  2. Which being a scardy cat pretty much kills the Napolean complex. He gets so scared and intimated he’ll run under the bed to take cheap shots at your toes. As if we can climb under there he hids even deeper under the bed.
  3. He likes to sniff around outside, check things out, but he’s only looking for cat food. He gets a small wiff of it and he bolts straight for the cat food. Weird dog I tell ya. He never disappears. Except for once, some how the backdoor opened he went to explore and told no one. Dad closed the door thinking he was inside the house. Next we find him at the door crying to come in. I guess he realized his comfy bed was inside. lol.
  4. He can’t jump. He can’t jump for shit. Not even if his life depended on it. I’m lucky if he gets 2 inches off the ground for his treat. And it’s still barely a jump, he’s holding onto my leg when he does it. I can put him up on our bed, hold his favorite treat out and for the life of him he can’t jump down to get his treat. Deuce is so afraid of heights. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

The only thing he adheres to is the love whore. He’s like a cat, he’ll bite (nibble) your hand until you pet him in the right place. He barks at you if you are cuddling up with anyone and he’s not included. He gets so mad when Preston and I are on the bed, not even cuddling, playing video games and he’s not laying down in the middle. Maybe if he could jump he would be there more, jeez.

I love my dog though, just wish he could jump.

Ninja time video

4 01 2009

I’m all about ninjas

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Thursday Thirteen: 12

11 12 2008

13 Things that have happened during 2008


  1. Started the year off in New York, my first time there. (Jan)
  2. Bought my first project car, 1992 Nissan 240sx. (Feb.)
  3. Moved into a bigger place. (March/April)
  4. Had my gall bladder removed (May)
  5. Got a raise at work (May)
  6. Spent my boyfriend’s birthday in Oahu (June)
  7. My son started Kindergarten (August)
  8. My boyfriend bought a 2004 Toyota 4runner for my 24th birthday. (August)
  9. Had 600lbs antenna array fall onto my leg and only suffered a sprained/bruised ankle. (September)
  10. Got another raise (October)
  11. Moved again. (November)
  12. Spent my first Thanksgiving with my boyfriend. FYI: We’ve been together for 4 years. (November)
  13. Celebrated my son’s 5th birthday.

 Bonus: 14. I didn’t lose my mind. LoL.

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

31 01 2008

Finally got the call from our financial adviser, I’ll call her J.N., but thpicture-47.jpgings are a go now. She got a call from FHB. Preston and I got our “special loans” approved. His for $9.5K and mine for $7.5K. We meet with her and finalize things with the bank this Saturday. Although I really am not sure about how things are going to work out, at least according to Preston’s closest friends and his parents. I know they would never lie to us. Which to me that means that we are that much closer to financial freedom and so much years cut away from finally being able to look into buying our first house. I’m excited and completely positive about so many things. If we stick with this my options have expanded exponentially!


Music classes.



You see that smile on my face?! It’s from this great news. I know it’s not much, but seriously I don’t smile in a lot of photos.

In other news, when the hell do you we get out refund checks? Can I just as Bush to cut me a check?

No but seriously, this week has been hella slow. Nothing to do at work. Nothing exciting to do at home. Correction, nothing I want to do at home. I’m literally just twiddling my thumbs. lol.

I have to look into prices and come up with some faux itinerary for a trip to Nor.Cal. My stepbrother graduates from college this spring. That’s in May or June, but along with the rest of my family we won’t have enough vacation time yet alone money to go then. So my stepsister and I are trying to aim for mid-August.

I think it would be freaking awesome for literally the WHOLE family to go on a vacation. That’s 14 people just painting Nor.Cal. red. 101 and J.N. really came at  the right time for Preston and I. If not I’d be saying no the whole trip at the mere mention. I haven’t even started paying for our trip to New York yet. But things are really looking hopeful.

A new boredom.

21 01 2008

picture-4.jpgSo I’m embarking on something new. Plus it gives me a reason to use my web cam. I will be taking one photo, starting from today, and posting. My photo may or may not come with an entry, but non the less it will be posted. It’s a way for me to really see the changes I make this year. 2008 here is my first picture and entry on a big road that lays above me. This year feel so different. Like I know some great things will be happening this year. I don’t know what, yet alone when, but I can feel it in my soul, in my heart.

FYI I finally bleached some highlights into my hair after one year of pure black dullness. Naomi was the last person to dye my hair.  I was, am, aiming towards shocking platinum blond. Think some where along these lines before and after. But my evil thick black hair takes bleaching like kids love brussels sprouts. So its more blond than platinum. At my next touch up it will be closer to what I want. Then eventually I’ll go back to blue and purple.

You should watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  It’s pretty good.

Zum Zum

17 01 2008

How fast is your ISP? Speedtest.net