Test Testing…. 1….2….3….

24 11 2007

…. Hormones are you with me?

I think I knocked it down to what is really throwing me out of whack. This damn patch.

I changed my birth control a month ago. Now I’m on Ortho Evra patch. Pretty nifty, but now Short Stack calls me sticker butt. Don’t ask.

But since it’s been like . . . I don’t know. . . a long time since I changed I forgot what it does to my body. How my hormones are so out of whack that I’m just one giant emotional train wreck. Jeez I was never like this when I was pregnant with Short Stack. But I think I’m starting to even out. I’m not really depressed anymore, I’m not hyper and giddy sporadically either. I’m feeling pretty good today. Although it would have been nice if I wasn’t such a bitch on Thanksgiving, but The Beau could have helped with that too.

Either way, Thanksgiving was, well for the lack of a better or worse word, it was . . . “eh”. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. I had to meet one of my dad’s “prospective” girlfriends. Oh and did I mention her 13 year old son too?? I didn’t like her, she ruined my day. But my son enjoyed his time. We hung out at the dirt bike track and he played football. He’s pretty good at throwing and tackling. I think it’s in the blood. It skipped a generation though I generally suck at sports no matter how much I love them.

Today I think we are off to venture for some Jamba Juice, been craving that for a while now. And some possible Christmas shopping. For the last week it’s always an attempt, but we always end up coming home with things for ourselves rather than the loving people in our life.

But dammit buying Rock Band Special edition and Sims2 Castaway for PSP was damn well worth it. lol