9 Minutes Left

16 08 2008

What’s that saying?

A lifetime will go by in a blink of an eye. Well it’s something of the sort. It sucks as the older you get the more it feels true.  In 9 minutes it’ll be my birthday. Not officially, or technically, because I was born at 10:26pm.

But nonetheless, I’ll be 24. It’s scary, but awesome. It’s going to be interesting. I’ll actually be divorced, my life feels like its starting to go down the right road, and there are many goals I’m aiming to achieve. So I really can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us, me.

I went out to diner at an awesome sushi restaurant. I was surrounded by my family and love. Stuffed with awesome sushi. Shared tons of laughs. It was just perfect.

I don’t have anything planned really big for my birthday tomorrow. I’ll just be really stoked if we could actually start cleaning my house and get a lot done.

It’s not sad that I prefer to clean my house than party like a rock star.

I party like a rock star everyday, but I clean once every blue moon.

So I’m off to hang with some friends have a good time and enjoy my last moments being 23.

Hey it’s midnight.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday Thirteen #7

23 01 2008

13 Insane Things that Ran through my head today.

1. Dum dum dun dummmmmm dum dum (I had some random theme song stuck in my head of which I never knew the song so I dummmed)

2. “If Nyx got a jelly bean stuck up his nose would I laugh or freak out first?”

3. “Why is the ‘Z’ capital on AriZona green tea?”

4. “I think I’d laugh . . . . yeah I’d laugh.”

5. “How can they call it flip flops?!?! It’s slippers. Slip on. Slip off grasshopper.”

6. “I wonder how long I’ve had this pencil up my nose?”

7. “. . . . . I think I should pay some secret government agency to create my zombies. That would be awesomeness in a bottle.”

8. “I’m so a ninjinian pirate. No need to choose between the two. I can so be both.”

9. “No, I’d freak out. Definitely freak out. . . . . . . . then I’d laugh.”

10. “Wow I really am the youngest female at work. I so pwn.”

11. “If I had magical powers to do anything I wanted I would make my own zombies. Then they can attack me and I won’t have to spend any money on the government.”

12. “I don’t get it. I see the moon. Yea that’s the moon, but it’s noon. Shouldn’t the moon be on the other side of the world? God I’m an idiot.”

13. “I’m pretty sure I have a higher probability of getting it stuck up my nose. In that case, I’d definitely laugh.”