My heart.

24 10 2007

It hurts today.

No reason in particular. It’s just a Wednesday.

It’s not the beginning, Not the end. It’s the middle. Where we are all stuck at. I think I just have heart burn. lol.
But it’s also the last night I see Short Stack before he goes to his dad’s house tomorrow afternoon. I won’t see him till Sunday. I hate that the most 3 out of the 4Wednesdays in the month.

On the bright side of everything, there’s always a bright side, one week left till Halloween. I like dressing up with my son. Plus I think we are taking Short Stack’s Escalade with us. Seeing that the last time we used it was his a month after his 2nd birthday.

But I’m coaxing The Beau to pick it up from my Daddyhead’s house so I don’t have to pus him around in a stroller or carry him. Short Stack can drive himself and his girlfriend. lol. Big pimpin’.

Not much to update. I finally signed the paperwork for my promotion which amazingly was effective on the 15th. HR is a bit slow on processing paperwork, but it’s forgiven.

Seeing that I hardly ever see my family and the fact that they live as far as New York I’m going to make a blog for Short Stack. But I don’t know what to call it just yet. The Beau chose nablaze, which is nice because outsiders will be completely clueless what the hell that means, where family will know exactly what it means. Granted they respect my wishes and keep that private. But hell family screw up and let things slip, I should it is my family after all.

Till it’s final though I’m going to let it sit and brew in my mind. See how I feel about it by the end of the week.

Now I need to run, take a quick shower and put Short Stack to bed. The Beau wants to play some Samurai Warriors 2 Dynasty before we head off to bed.

Nothing beats pillaging a country side before bedtime. lol.