Teh Dilly Yo!

This is me. Pretty plain and simple. Like black and white photos. Can’t hide anything.

I’m 23 years old, mother to a awesome 4.5 year old son. I’m a full-time mother, full-time technician, and a part-time student. So I’m pretty busy most of the time. I’d like to think I’m aspiring towards something. What? I don’t know yet, so I’m dipping my toes in everything. I blog when I can, developed a weird shyness for vlogging all of a sudden, I’m camera whore almost 24/7, and a MySpace addict.

These are the two most awesomeness men in my life. My son, Nyx, is 4.5 years old. He just graduated from Pre-K after two years of being there and is to start Kindergarten next month – August 2008. His bio-dad and I are no longer together and currently, STILL, going through a divorce practically his whole life.

The other great guy is my boyfriend. (Note: He isn’t the reason for my divorce, he came after.) His name is Preston, 24 years old and practically the ying to my yang, the core to my apple, and the pain in my ass. lol. He may not be my son’s bio-dad, but he’s damn close to it.

We live in Hawaii, try to maintain some sort of “normalcy” in our family, and at times live life pretty abnormally too.

And this little girl is the newest addition to the family, as of 7.04.08. Her name is Giri Giri. We used to have a pet turtle named Saudi, but had to sell her due to the fact that turtles really aren’t meant to be handled. That and she wasn’t very fun to play with.

This is my family, and this is our story.

(*Updated 07.05.08*)

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