The worst is not even over!

22 05 2008

This is a really long and boring story. It’s not even well written. I’m on pain killers and before I forget I threw everything up in hopefully the right order. At least the order I remember it in.

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19 05 2008

…in less than 12 hours I will no longer be the owner of a gallbladder.

Yep I’m scared.

In less than 1 hour I can’t eat or drink anything until Lordy knows when.

Yep I’m pissed.

In over 2 weeks, I’ll return back to work full time.

Yep I’m stoked.

In less than 1 day my ass will be glued to my couch catching up on my video games, studying and tv.

Yep I’m completely stoked.

And in less than a month I will gain about 10lbs for being a 2 week long bum.

Yep I’m a fatty fat fat.


Don’t I kind of need that?!

3 05 2008

I went to my ultrasound appointment bright and early yesterday.

Don’t be confused, I’m not pregnant, although ultrasounds aren’t nearly as cool, amusing or worthwhile if your not.

I went because of those fiery back and chest pains.  It was interesting to be shown my kidneys, liver, pancreas and whatnots. I sucked at human anatomy can you tell?

In the midst of my appoint the ultrasound technician called the doctor, not the one who sent me there, but a the doctor that would be reviewing my ultrasound BEFORE it went to the doctor who sent me there. Anyways he called him/her and nonchalantly said, “hey there’s this big black clot in her liver I’m going to take several pictures of it at different angles it’s label yadaydasomething”, hangs up and asks me how I’m doing today.

HOLD UP! A black what? IN my whatchamacallit?! Aren’t you going to tell me anything?!?!


After 20 minutes I was sent on merry way.

I went to my son’s May Day program at school and went into work for half a day. The only thing on my mind is “WTF?!?! A black clot?! Please call me already and tell me the guy was just a huge idiot and it was gas or something.”

The whole morning went by, then the afternoon.

Damn them.

On our way back home from town I get a call, from Dr. P. the original doctor that sent me. He has my results. It went something like this.

“Hey Danni this is Dr. P. So I got your results back and you do have a gall stone in your gall bladder. So my nurse is going to make an appointment with you and we are going to remove your gall bladder.”


“Wait what? My gall what? Bladder? I thought it was a stone.”

“Yes it is, but since it’s a reoccurring issue it is best to remove your gall bladder. You know longer need it anyways. It’s like your appendix. It’s s simple procedure and the nurse will call you tomorrow for your appointment.”

Then leaving me in shock. I never had anything physically removed from my body. Giving birth to my son doesn’t count. I had to physically push him out and I did all the work. I have never been involuntarily knocked out so someone can remove a piece of my body.

I wonder if they’ll put it in a jar for me to keep.

It scares me. I don’t think it helped the fact that I just got over watching Awake with Hayden Christiansen and Jessica Alba.

I went to the marvelous world of and did research to put my mind at ease and apparently of all surgeries to have removal of the gall bladder is the easiest and safest. About 500,000 people undergo this every year. So I”ll just be one the 500,000 statistics.

Did I ever mention that when I was  7 months pregnant with Nyx for my 19th Halloween I went as a statistic. Think about that. lol.

My mind is racing all over this topic. I know I don’t have enough paid absence and vacation time accrued to take off for 3 weeks. I just used all my saved time to take off for almost 2 weeks because Nyx and I was just in and out of the hospital for the greater part of April and now this.

But to end the night, the damn nurse didn’t even call me today. So maybe tomorrow and if not I know I’ll get a call Monday. I’m in no rush. mostly because I’m scared shitless, but that’s okay. I get to lay around in bed for 3 weeks and do nothing.