Back to Square One

1 04 2008

So for the many, or few, that have screaming at me to jump on or at least update and let the world know I’m ok……I’m ok.

For those you figured, “eh she’s moving into the new house and working I can wait and things will be back to normal at the end of March.” You are wrong.

We are moving, again. But don’t worry it’s not that far. In fact it’s practically still in the same house. I’ll get to that.

At the beginning of March I will admit that we were all ‘gung-ho’ about moving and doing it swiftly. Our incentive: some of March’s rent back from the apartment. We neglected to read our landlords fine print, in her words. Only IF she found tenants to move in BEFORE the end of March. Fat chance. So rather than stressing each other our and working ourselves down to the marrow we took are sweet time.

We have been living in the new house for almost 3 weeks now. Which reminds me. It’s our 2 year anniversary. As of today we have been living together, parent free, completely adult like for exactly 2 years now. Amazing how fast the years have gone.

Yesterday we said goodbye to the tiny apartment we have grown to love. Our first place together. In fact our first place without our parents, or someone’s parents, to guide our way. We picked up our small TV and entertainment unit. Scrubbed down almost every nook and cranny. Dusted and swept the hidden dust bunnies. Then finally shut and locked the door one last time. I remember when we first got the place we were happy that someone finally said yes to us. We were 21 years old, no references, practically no credit and a 2 year old boy. Not a single person wanted to rent to us. Till we found our apartment. I prayed, crossed my fingers, and put on the biggest smile I could to impress the landlord. It worked. I think. I walked in, fell in love, and she said yes. Over the next two years, we grew (metaphorically and physically lol) and finally the place got too small for us. Which landed us here.

A cute pink house. Well extension of a house. $200 more from the apartment. But we get a yard, a garage, and near-perfect neighborhood. We dealt with the stress of March only begging for April to come. We were tired of running back and forth. Packing and unpacking, which just turned into throw crap into container and dump on living room floor. And now April 1st is here nonetheless. And we are moving again.

But it’s not across ‘town.’ It’s quite literally on the other side of the wall. The family that was living in the main house moved out this past weekend. In the middle of their moving they allowed us to roam around their house. Get a feel of it to see if we want to inquire with our new landlords of they would be interested in renting it out to us. Let’s say the main house is 2.5 times bigger than our side. In the process of viewing their house we found out the previous tenants of our house was paying $500 LESS than what we are. I was L.I.V.I.D. They paid $500 less than us?!?!?!?! Better yet the rent for the main house is only $100 more than our rent now. WTF?! It’s almost 3 times bigger and they pay $100 more?

So yesterday Preston called our Landlady, C.S., and inquired about the main house. She originally wanted to renovate the whole house and then offer it to us. But seeing that she renovated the extension and jacked up the rent I was scared she would do the same for the main house. But Preston was amazing. He was very adamant about wanting the main house. He told them that the house is great condition and would like to rent it out the way it is. She was sort of cautious about it. I’m thinking she had the feeling the main house was in shambles or something. Which it really isn’t.

As of yesterday, we now are renting the main house. With all our shit still sitting on the floor EVERYWHERE in the extension! We have till the 15th to move into the main house. We told her we won’t be moving anything till the weekend of the 11th. We have Nyx this weekend and I asked my sister K if we can watch Baby K on Saturday so Nyx can spend time with his cousin and I am able to start getting Nyx comfortable around little ones. I forgot to mention, she did jack up the price but only $100.

I love the main house. It’s 3bd and 2 ba. It’s BIG. Now if we can only find people we like to move into the extension we will be set. I don’t want to end up with shitty neighbors.

Man I have so much to update.

The shittiest utility to deal with by far, and so far, was the cable company. The guy on the 17th was a lazy bum and we found out he had no clue what he was talking about. But his stupidity was going to cost me 10 more days of misery. Another cable guy was to come on the 27th to run a new coax and install. But between the 17th and the 27th Preston hooked up the cable anyways. It worked stupid cable guys! We made 5 cat5e cable runs through the house so we don’t have cables running this way and that across the house. Good thing we didn’t finish it yet, because of course now it has to be pulled and rerunned through the main house.

I even upgraded to Road Runner turbo to get a whole whomping 8mb download speed. Bullshit there, only sees 2mb. I’m going to have to give them a bitchfest before the end of the week. Regardless I have internet, even if at some points it feels like dial up once and while. Another reason to bitch. Preston installed the cable himself and the cable guy on the 27th only plugged in the HD DVR and we STILL got charged $50 for installation. GRRRR.

Nyx has been doing pretty well. J’s parents came back from Africa for a month, just to do taxes, and will be going back eventually. J’s brother from California came down too so Nyx was getting the opportunity to spend time with cousin’s he practically never sees. In fact I don’t think he ever met them before this past week. The school year is almost coming to a near so you know what that means! Kindergarten in August!!!!

I’m becoming pretty adjusted to the idea of him going to public school soon. Not that I want him to. But I can’t wait for his sake.

I don’t know if it’s me, but he’s been getting on my nerves a lot faster than ever. Attention has been shortened by 10 folds, his attitude heightened the extremes and he just doesn’t listen to anything. Constantly back talking and giving snarky remarks. Maybe I’m the one that can’t wait for Kindergarten to start. 😛

It’s nearing bed time, I’m tired, Nyx is settling in and I still need a shower.

But pictures of the new abode are below! Disclaimer all taken with my phone. Read the rest of this entry »