I didn’t drop off the planet, just been disconnected.

17 03 2008

I am going through some serious internet and cable/DVR withdrawals. And it is no fun. The cable guy came by on Saturday bright and early and through the process of attempting my cable found out the main house screwed us over with their damn satellite. Which is a simple fix, but that lame bastard didn’t want to climb in the attic. Dammit I even offered to run the damn coax myself. I am really desperate. But nope, he didn’t budge. In fact it really didn’t seem like he wanted to do it at all. He claimed he needed to go grab some other equipment and come back. He didn’t. Instead he called the cable company and had them reschedule for another guy to come back and do it. A-hole. So here I am, waiting till the 27<sup>th</sup> now. </font></p> <p><font face=”> 

I’m taking a break from work. In fact I’m practically done with work anyways, but I really feel like I need to blog. In the last week we have been moving like madmen. My dad and Big Green came by to help move all the big things. The mattress, computer desk, shelves, 3 dressers, 1 entertainment unit and about 6 rubber maid containers were smoothly moved. Nyx’s room is completely transported and setup to his liking. In the process I was able to donate 1 whole container of toys he outgrew. Of which I might add I’m still adding to the 3 gigantic bags of clothes being donated too.

As stated in my previous Utterz postings I bought a gift for myself. My tax return this year was rather ‘large’ to say the least. And I spent 2/3 of last years tax return on Preston’s birthday present. So I got myself a 42” Vizio LCD HDTV. It’s beautiful. Especially while playing Army of Two on my 360. I think it was truly fate, because my dream entertainment unit was on clearance from $250.00 dropped down to $60.00 the week before. And it was the last one. Honestly it’s the living room masterpiece. Now only if I had cable.

Nyx has been pretty amazing. He is now reading to me. It’s amazing that he memorized the book, but since he is continuously reading the book to me he now starting to truly recognize the words. We read Lightning McQueen’s Old, New, Read, Blue really cute book too. The second book we read before bed time is a toss up between Go, Dog, Go and Dr. Suess’s A, B, C. Ok I know they are both Dr. Suess, but it’s weird to just say A, B, C that can be any book. In the process he is slowly memorizing those books too.

Preston has been pretty awesome, being my work horse and all. He’s been a champ continuously going back and forth between the apartment and the house, cleaning each room in the apartment, and cooking dinner at night. Don’t think I’m not doing anything. I’m unpacking, sorting, and getting rid of things as quickly as they come. Of course I’m not moving fast enough.

It’s just been hard not having cable. I feel so, incomplete. I like the ambient noise of my tv while I clean the house. It’s lonely. I’m pathetic without it. Grrr.

Here I am writing for my blog and I’m done with work. I should go now.

It’s date night with Nyx. We are taking him to go see Horton Hears a Who. I’ll let you know how it is.