Photo Hunt #3: Red

30 11 2007

Photo Hunters


Today’s theme is RED.



This was taken during Thanksgiving. We hung out at the dirt bike track and I regret it, a little bit. Mainly because he really wants a dirt bike now, but trying to explain to him he can’t get a dirt bike till he can ride his bicycle without training wheels is pretty difficutle. Such as trying to explain time to him. In which he gives me the look as seen here.


He always have these crazy expressions on his face. Especially when I say “let’s take a nice picture.” But I love these pictures, he makes them unique and memorable. I pray he never loses that enthusiasm and great sense of humor. That he will always be the bright, beautiful and smart child I see every day. I wish I didn’t ruin the pictures though. lol.



During the last minute I decided to add this. It’s obviously my suitcase and my make-up bang. *gasp* I know make-up. . . me? Don’t choke to death laughing. But we are just about done packing. We are ready to go to Oahu. Hard part is waking up 4am. But in that one suitcase carries my clothes, Beau’s clothes, Short Stack’s clothes, my make-up bag, 2 medium duffle bags, 1 large duffle bag, mini travel necessities, 2 hairspray bottles and shoes. And it’s really light too.

If you are asking why we have 3 duffle bags it’s for all the things we buy on Oahu. Believe me we can fill 3 duffle bags and the suitcase in less than 8 hours with presents for people. Plus Short Stack and I always wait out to buy things we want from Oahu, so the large bag and the suitcase is going to mainly for Short Stack and I. Maybe the Beau will get something.