Snail Status

22 05 2008

That’s me! Snail Status.

When I sit up straight it feels like I’m ripping the staples and so I hunch. Which in turn is killing my back. Every step feels like a struggle, but Bob help me I can’t just sit in one place. It hurts to lay down, it hurts to sit, and it definitely hurts to stand. So what am I to do?

Nothing much.

Just take my vicodin and hope for the best really. I”m quite amazed by Preston and Nyx.

Preston has really been awesome. He’s taken everything by the reigns and I must admit he’s doing an ok job on staying on top of things. Well minus the dishes. I just did them. I knew if I didn’t they’d sit there just one more day. And besides I feel like eating on my dishes rather than the paper plates. 😛

Nyx, man what can I not say?!?! He’s been spectacular. I really can’t wait for baby number 2. He’s been helping me get up off the bed, couch, floor, anything really. He helps me lay down. He opens the car door for me and closes it when I’m buckled in. He holds my hand and really does his best to support me while I walk. He asks me if I need anything and is quite quick to get things done before he gets back to play or watching cartoons. It’s just really amazing.

They both have their sense of humor of it all though. They both know I can’t laugh because it hurts and I start to cry after a few giggles. Yes it’s that bad. But when Nyx is walking with me he jokes and tells me to jog. He starts jogging in place and laughs. Preston well he tries to make me laugh because he knows it hurts. But then tries to get me to stop laughing when I start tearing up. Grr to them both.

I turned in the last of TDI papers for work and my timesheet. Which Preston gave me ample scoldings to leaving the house. I needed to do something. in all I’m doing a bit better compared to last several days.

I didn’t sleep much today. Thank BOB! I was getting sick of sleeping already. I slept practically the last two days away. I’m able to eat solids again. But sadly I haven’t been really hungry. I had half a spam musubi the other day. Half a container of tofu today, but not much more than that.

Sucks too because I feel like I could eat all these things, but then I’d rather stare at it than eat it. Weird.

In other news, J didn’t pick Nyx up from school today. Mrs. S called us at 5:15pm to let us know that Nyx still hasn’t been picked up and wanted to know if J was supposed to pick him up. Of course he was, but we went instantly to get him. We got there at 5:25pm and J still was no where in site, not even a phone call or text. I’m not complaining though. I don’t mind a free weekend. It’s his loss and my ultimate gain. 🙂 Is there an evil smiley? >:)

It’s now 734pm and still no word, oh well. Preston is cooking dinner and Nyx has no complaints. Honestly I don’t care to call anymore. I called once, no answer, at least I tried. More than I wanted to do. Or care to do.

That’s really it for now. I’m going to go Google some stuff of a Toyota Prius. Before my surgery I was listening to CNN and over heard that gas prices of the next couple years might/will be pushing the $10/gallon mark. So aiming for green and save dough is our goal.