On with the future without the trade in.

22 01 2008


Man I look so weird in pictures. It doesn’t look like me, but it is me. I don’t see, me. I see someone else. Okay, I still see child me. I don’t see the mom, the career woman, or the student. I still see slacker me. It’s freaking me out, but I need to hold true to my promise to myself. With or without pimples. LoL. 😀 Anyways, on the point.

Nyx is driving me up the wall. He went to school, and I to work. I picked him and our whole thing to do was bake some chocolate chip cookies. And the first thing he does is throw a temper tantrum over cleaning his hands.

I hate hearing him yell at me, “My dad doesn’t make me do this. My dad doesn’t do that.”

Yeah well guess what?!?!?!?! I’m your MOM!!!

He then goes to, “You’re mean, I don’t like you!”

Yea well too bad I’m the only mom you have, and you are being mean and not a nice kid right now.

Which then turns into, “I’m going to Wal-mart to get a new nice kid that likes me. Then maybe he wants to bake cookies with me. And then maybe I can sell you on eBay!”

Nyx, “DON’T TRADE ME IN!!!!!”

Naturally I couldn’t hold in my laughter. I held him and laughed.

Nyx, “Mom I’m going to sell you on eBay. You need to be traded in because you make me clean.”

I love my son to death, but damn just wash your hands!

On a lighter note, Preston is slowly coming around and talking about our farther future. Future = kiddies and wedding.

So 2010/26 years old, we are aiming at trying for number 2. I know it’s so far away, but Preston really is an old fashioned kind of guy. Sweet I adore it, but the waiting is killing me. But on top of that I get a planned preggy partner, Nai.

To top it off before our next kiddie he wants to be at the very least. . . . *gulp* engaged. I’m not afraid of commitment, but don’t see the necessity in it right now. But I see it more as a big party and a chance for family and friends to show off an insanely expensive wedding dress.

I also see it the same way he does, a chance to shout out to the world, family and friends to confess his love to me, to each other. I want that too, but making bebehs are really at the top of my list.


3 is our goal. Before 2014. Ultimately this year is really going to be a big deciding factor us. A lot of things we need to get into order. Of which I need to start making that list after this. Maybe I’ll make my TT for this week.