Rain Rain go away. . . uhhh wait.

6 12 2007

Oh wait! No don’t go away. Keep on raining. Rain non-stop!

This is how I know winter is approaching. We get no winter in Hawaii, so raining is as good as it gets. I’m sick of the 24/7 hot sun shine.

So it’s been raining and cloudy for the last week. It really doesn’t look like it’s going to be getting any better any time soon. I’ve been appreciating it and taking as much of it in as possible. Besides I enjoy rain, I enjoy cloudy days and above all I enjoy thunderstorms. *Sigh* Sadly though I think I’m getting a cold because of it. Colds are common, rain is a rare luxury. So I will make due with the lemons I am given.

This has been an awesome week actually. Work has been pretty easy, due to the rain. I can’t do too much at work, safety, electronic precautions, and I’m lazy. hahaha. Short Stack has been hyping up the holiday spirit in the house. Mainly, he’s been cleaning our house like crazy because he needs to “make room for Christmas.” Not the Christmas tree, but room for Christmas. I don’t know how big Christmas is, but it’s cleaning my house and I am not complaining.

I’m pretty saddened by the fact that this is the first year I won’t have Short Stack ON his birthday. I get him the day after. But there was no way of working my way around this. I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years. Above all I can’t believe today is Short Stacks projected birthday. But I’m glad he came out on the 8th, I have this huge thing about numbers. I’ll dive into that later. It feels all too soon.  When it comes his day I have a special commemorative for him and a long list of milestones this year.

We got practically all of our holiday shopping done this year. Sadly, the “optional” people didn’t get anything. We had to cut back, but we got the important people, family, covered. Just because you don’t receive a present from us doesn’t we don’t love you. It’s just that we know it makes no difference to you guys if you get nothing. Besides you guys got swords from us last year that should be good for a few Christmas’ anyways. lol.

I don’t think The Beau and I will be getting anything for each other. The things we want are both the same and have decided to wait till after the holidays and a few months into the new year before we anything. Although I am sure we will both give in and buy small gifts. We haven’t even talked about our 3 year anniversary. After 2 years we are still arguing if it’s the 23 or 24th. After disputing about it last year we ended up forgetting about our anniversary all together because we were focusing so much on making the best day for Short Stack.