Albany Day Five

9 06 2009

It’s weird how everything can change when people start moving away. One day your drinking at their house nearly every weekend for almost 2 years straight, next thing you know they move away and you drink once in a blue moon, if that.

Since Naomi and Devin moved away, a lot of our other friends along with Preston and I hardly drink together anymore. It’s not a bad or good thing. It just died out. But I come to visit Naomi and Devin and BAM it’s like a drinking festival.

Today’s agenda: wine tasting along Cayuga Lake. There are 40 some odd wineries, of the 40 we choose 8 that had something new and different, but among the 8 we only did 3.At each winery you pay $1-$2 to sample 6-8 of their wines. Once again it was another late start, lol.

Another new thing for me, I never did wine tasting. To my understanding I do believe you are supposed to swish and spit when tasting, but who in their right mind will let such good wines go to waste. We drank every glass!

So we began in Seneca Falls, did you know this is where the first women’s protest was? I swear women’s rights were written all over this town. I wish we could have stopped to check it the town and discovered where women’s independence started. Pretty cool…..

Our first stop was Montezuma Winery, cool attraction: they made vodka out of honey. We chose are 6 wines each, sampled each others 6 wines, commented and noted our favorites. I really like the little crackers they give you. Reminds me of the snacks I gave my son when he was still a baby. We ended up buying a couple bottles of wines, bought souvenir glasses, and I got a nifty bottle stopper with Preston’s initials. Preston thinks it’s a pimp shank. Damn guy.

The honey vodka was amazingly good. I’m not a huge vodka fan, don’t get me wrong I love my screwdrivers, vodka crans, and lemon drops, but still not a huge vodka fan. It’s too harsh for my palette. But we sampled, we liked, then the nice lady offered to mix it with their Cranberry Bog wine and OMFG that hit the right spot. Naomi and Devin bought a bought of the Honey Vodka and Cranberry Bog. I kind of wished I did too now. It was really good I know Preston would love it. My choice of wine here to try: Cranberry Bog.

Next stop Knapp Winery, cool attraction ice cream made with wine. The drive there was beautiful; we drove right along Cayuga Lake. Of the 3 we visited I loved Knapp Winery’s shop the best. It had a great ambience inside. The people were so friendly, well every place we stopped had great people, but they let Naomi’s Bugs in so they didn’t have to be left alone in the car. We did our wine tasting, but the ice cream is what we really wanted. The ice cream was superb, sadly we never thought we would like it that much and to bring a cooler, so we couldn’t buy any to bring home. Next time, next time J. We bought another couple bottles and off to our last stop. My choice of wine to try here: Kat Knapp.

Last stop Gooseneck Winery, cool attraction: personalized wine bottles. By this point I was a bit buzzed, feeling really relaxed, kind of sad really. There was a cute blonde working the counter, in fact the whole shop. She gave us extra drinks. In the process of picking out my labels we found out I couldn’t get them till the next day and they don’t ship to Hawaii. So the personalized wines were a bust. L I still got some cool snacks to bring back to work. Didn’t pick up any wines there, because I was already nervous how I was going to get the other 3 bottles back home. My favorite part of this place was the immaculate view of Cayuga Lake outside their backdoor. I wish I got a picture. My Choice of wine to try here: Diamond.

So 3 wineries later, about 54 wine samples later we were ready to take a break and sober up for the long drive back to home base. What better way to do that than some Miniature Golf and Ice Cream?! We passed that little shop on our way to stop #2, Naomi was kind of anxious to stop then.

It was a really LONG time since any of us played miniature golf. It cute and simple too, there were electronic animatronics, childlike made obstacles, it really brought you back to your childhood. Sure it might have taken us about an hour or so to get there, but it was fun. Nothings better than enjoying fond memories of your childhood with great people. Although the ice cream lacked any and all pizzazz, it tasted just like watery strawberry Nesquick. Can’t win them all I guess.

Don’t forget, PICTURES!

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