Albany: Day Two

6 06 2009

See when you really have a week off – no work, no worries – who needs to go to bed early? Who really needs to wake up early? I felt like that was our motto. Even though we really did want to get early starts on our day and do as much possible, but that’s wasn’t the case.

We woke up, relaxed and refreshed, and pretty damn late. It was this morning that I got to take Naomi’s tasty Blueberry Baklava for breakfast. I even got a cute box with more to take home. I really loved them Naomi.

She suggested we continue with her Albany gems, where we headed off for some tasty gellato at Aromi d’Italia. I don’t believe I’ve ever tried Italian ice cream before, but after trying some I don’t think I can really go back to regular. It really was just that good. Now I can’t remember what we all tried, but they were all fruity and we all sampled each others. Finishing off our deserts in the front watching people driving by, where Naomi was so humorously amused by a weird man practically hanging out the door and staring.

New York people I tell you.

After that cute stop, we decided to head to Crossroads Mall to continue the hunt for Preston’s gift and to kill the taste of gellato in our mouths. It was amazingly Best Buy’s that we spent most of the time. You see Devin is pretty big into music. I believe his whole family is and you know what Best Buy’s have right? MULTIPLE SET UPS OF ROCK BAND. He couldn’t refuse, he’s never played before and he really wanted to know how true to the music form it is.

It took some time, getting the right rythm, calibrating the tv with the game, and finding a song we enjoyed. Eventually we got it and we also picked up a friend. We never got his name, but I swear this kid probably spent a good part of his day waiting for people (probably more kids) to play with him. When we first got to the set up we had no sticks, the kid magically comes out of NO WHERE and BAM “here’s some sticks for you.” So Dev started playing, well he was playing on his knees we had no chair, then BAM the kid grabs a chair out of thin air. Soon Dev was jamming on the drums, Nai was grooving on the bass, and our new found friend was chillaxing on the guitar. I swear it was probably the best part of his day. Although he was kind of controlling about what songs he wanted to play. We eventually did get through a few sets. Oh and me?! I happily took pictures, maybe jumped in a couple times, but I love just taking pictures.

After a good few hours in the mall and no signs taste of gellato in our mouths we checked out a bar Naomi’s been raving about a few months back.

Mahar’s! She was right to be raving about it too. It was a little small, but very comfortable. The first thing I noticed was behind the bar was shelves upon shelves of huge beer mugs. At the other end was this kiosk looking thing. Nai walked up, punched in her James Bond code thingy, and printed out the beer menu BY COUNTRY. How cool is that?

So back to the beer mugs, if you drink 100 beers you get this cool nifty mug with your name and I think a plaque saying you accomplished your 100 beers – correct me if I’m wrong Nai – but only 3 beers per night counts. So when Nai gets to that 100 she’s probably going to steal the mug and never return. So she’ll make that goal in about…….. 10 years since she hardly drinks anymore.

We tried several different beers from different countries, Brazil, Ireland, England (I think) and before Nai and I knew it, at least for me, we were a bit buzzed and called it quits after that and needed to sober up.

What better way to sober up than head two doors down to eat some food and drink MORE beer. lol. We went literally two doors down to Juniors. The original plan was to eat some food and play X-rated photo hunt. But sadly we got there a little before 11pm and it wasn’t on yet. Regardless we played and made SEVERAL high scores. Those New Yorkers are going to wonder about us.

Eventually we got home, who drove I don’t remember, how we got there doesn’t matter I’m still alive, but once again we didn’t pass out till about 2am.


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