ID Theft

6 11 2007

I never really thought it would happen to me. I am generally a pretty safe person about this sort of thing.

When I buy online, I buy from places I trust. I don’t hand out my card to anyone. I remember my card by heart so I hardly ever have to take it out. But some mysterious person has my number and had no problem using it.

No guilt in thinking about how hard I had to work for that money. No guilt in thinking what I may need that money for. No guilt in thinking I have a family to support. No guilt.Period.

It’s sickening. I took care of everything this morning. I went to my bank filled out all my paperwork, gave them my card and requested a new card. I even called Equifax to put a fraudulant warning on my credit report. I’m sick to my stomach.

I’m grateful to have my savings right now, but that’s beyond the point. My son’s 4th birthday is coming up and up until today I thought I had it all planned out, now I just don’t know what I am going to do for him.

In result of this stress I picked up another pack of cigarettes. I was about 3 months good again. But this sort of stress food just doesn’t cut it. When things settle down again I’ll quit, again. I need to find a new way of dealing with stress. I’ve been binge eatting too. There went my diet plan too. I was doing so good. I lost 8 pounds and within a day I already gained back 4 lbs.

Hopefully, I can get my money refunded back to me. Quickly! None of this might take up to 2-3 months crap. I can live without my card, but I live off of my checking account. Dammit I want to shove that ID stealing asshole’s head down some his throat just so he can rip it out of his ass.

Time, never enough of it.

18 10 2007

If there is one big difference between childhood and adulthood it’s most definitely time.

When you are younger it feels as if time is infinite. Time never really stops, but it feels pretty slow most of the time. Like weeks feel like months. And quite literally you fee like you have all the time in the world.

But here I am on a cloudy Thursday afternoon in 2007. I was just thinking about how my weeks, quite frankly the last 4 years, have gone by so quickly. I’m sure I have stopped to smell the roses every once and a while here and there, but my time is flying by so quickly I’m not quite sure if I’m getting the most out of my 24 hours a day.

I remember the feeling of time from 18 years old and below it was the feeling of forever. The feeling of time never really seemed to have a value. I could put everything off till the next day and not have to worry if I had time to finish or start whatever it was. I remember sitting in school and wondering when it was ever going to finish because I just wanted to play with my friend. On the weekends out side in the driveway or yard playing with my friends we would skate, ride bikes, build tents, play pirates, run around playing tag, go through at least 6 games on my SNES and Sega, hang out at the park, and then relax eatting some ice ceam all within a 5 or 6 hour period. But it felt like we were at it for the ENTIRE day.

Now within 5 or 6 hours I’m lucky if I finish cooking dinner, washing 3 loads of laundry and sweep up my living room. It’s insanity, lol.

But 4 years ago I was 19. I think that’s when I really grew up. I just had my son, I was going to school for something I actually wanted to do, I worked part time and I was learning to be a wife. From then it seems like time was put on permanent fast forward. It’s weird.

You don’t realize how fast time has gone until you step away from it for just a moment. I did that today. I’m sure I’ve done it before, but today I was reminded again. I see how much my enviroment has changed, my friends, my family, my son, and myself. It’s amazing how much time can change everything around and you don’t notice it.

I love how much my friends have grown, how much my son has grown and matured, how my enviroment is changing with every passing wind, and best yet how much I have grown into the person I love today.

So I end this waiting. Because I can’t wait for another 4 years to see where I, we, are at.

Sony’s Rolly

11 10 2007

This will be on my Christmas/Birthday/Just get it for me Wish list.

It’s Sony’s next mp3 player. The Rolly.

I want, you buy. lol.

Plus the commercial is hilarious. I won’t post the whole commerical, but just half the clip.

I just need to type

7 10 2007

Although I am no where close to understanding what I am doing with this blog I am completely overwhelmed to say something. Anything.

I have come to realize that even if no one reads what I have to say I always feel so much better after. Even when I am writing in my own personal journal. Though my post really is something insignificant, such as this one, I feel like a great weight is lifted off my shoulder. Blogging has turned into my own self-therapy. It’s calm and relaxing.

So when there is something important that is needed to be addressed the stress is immensely reduced. I would have to say it’s better than being on Prozac or Zoloft.  Drugs of which I have never been prescribed. Though I will neither admit or deny ever taking them at one point or another.

Today has been a pretty busy day. We ran around a lot. More like drove around. GameStop, Wal-mart, Radio Shack, Sears, Ace Hardware, Famous Footwear, Costco and back to GameStop. The Beau was really on top of things to  get things done. We were originally supposed to go camping this weekend, but that backfired due to lack of people wanting to come and the weather. So instead he opted for a cookout with our families on the beach. I mean for Christ sake he bought a new grill and propane tank yesterday just for tomorrow.

When he gets into things he really puts his all into it. I can’t blame him for wanting things to go so well. Besides it gave him a reason to have a new toy. On top of getting the grill he’s turned into a pretty good health freak. He’s been cooking dinner for the last month. Really good health foods. Though I am suffering without rice. Sue me for being Filipino, lol. I must give a good detailed story about how our dieting and Biggest Loser challenge is going.

Before our insane 7 hours of driving and shopping adventure started I woke up into a quite interesting situation. The Beau and Short Stack allowed me to sleep in and relax. When I awoke my son and boyfriend were having a small argument. Which turned into my son yelling, “Mommy come wipe my butt! Mommy wipe my butt! Mommy!” I got up instantly looked at The Beau asked what happened. (Side note: When my son uses the potty for #2 he has difficulty wiping his own butt so he usually asks for help.) Well Beau already wiped his butt, but apparently Squash had doubts about his “butt wiping” abilities and asked him to do it again. Well after a while Beau just gave up and walked away, which in turn gave my son that wonderful temper tantrum. I sleepily wiped his butt and walked away. Officially I am no the only one certified for good booty hygiene.

I like writing nonsense. I need to go and figure out more things. Till later. Night.