Buffalo to Albany Day One

5 06 2009

See when you work for The Company nothing is ever set in stone, literally, even when you are already doing it. See my trip to Buffalo was a week early. The first day of Company business was cancelled. So therefore, the last will be too.

So I had two choices today. Either I can wait till 9pm tonight to jump the plane to Albany, or pay a 2nd penalty fee and jump an 1130am flight. Let’s see it was 930, why the hell am I going to cruise around Buffaflo, NY alone?!?!?!

2nd penalty charge it was. I ended up paying $200 for changing my flight a week earlier and additional $50 for taking an earlier flight that day. Almost twice the price of my original ticket of $150. But you know what? It was worth it.

It’s been nearly 2 years since the last time I saw BFF Nai and her dear hubby Dev. 2 years is much too long. I felt somewhat bad that she just walked into work just to spend an hour there and turn right around to pick up my impatient ass. But I guess she likes me that much. lol.

See Nai is pretty organized, she was already giving me warnings as to keeping me on my toes for the entire stay. But for me to come 12 hrs early?! That’s 12 hrs she didn’t have planned. But she’s pretty quick on her feet and she thought of “Albany Gems.” Just checking out Albany and experiencing the not so touristy things.

But we can’t start the day without breakfast, specifically Devin. We hit up iHop, and I squelled silently in my head when I saw the special side menu covered with strawberry meals. It was during that meal that I learned something new. Dev doesn’t like A1 sauce. I LOVE A1 sauce, which I happily poured over my hashbrowns and scrambled eggs. I swear Dev looked like he was going to freak about that. Breakfast was great though.

We then hit up the mall across the street, the name escapes me at the moment, but we picked up some presents for the 2 birthdays I missed – Preston’s and Roxanne’s. I found Roxanne a perfect gift, but not so much Preston. He’s very finicky and I am always a stickler for finding that right present. After hunting and searching we called it quits for Preston’s gift for the day, and needed to start our evening.

Albany Pump Station. SOME DAMN GOOD BURGERS! I tried their beer sampler. All good beers, but I only liked two.

Seeing I am horrible with words I make up with taking insane amounts of photos and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. So my next several entries will contain tons of photos.

Like so….

Nai and I with the beer Sampler
Nai and I with the beer Sampler
I enjoyed all, liked half the tray, but loved only 2.
I enjoyed all, liked half the tray, but loved only 2.
HUGE BURGER!!! Mighty Tasty Too.
HUGE BURGER!!! Mighty Tasty Too.



One response

7 07 2009

i’d absolutely love to go to n.y.! wow, that is one big burger and looks so good!!

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