Officially Unofficial

22 01 2009

Maybe it’s Unofficially Official, but whatever it is, I’m semi-engaged.

According to Preston it doesn’t count because I asked. But it does because I did ask and he said yes.

That’s mind blunder (didn’t want to cuss) if I ever did hear one. 

Either way, according to him, we aren’t officially engaged until he asks me. Which is weird, considering that we both know that we are getting married next year and that I’ve already started make mental notes and catergorizing our wedding in my  head.

But no, he’s an old school romantic and things have to be perfect. He NEEDS the romantic story to go with how he proposed to me, my reaction, his special setup, yada yada yada.

Dammit I’d be happy if he proposed to me with a 25cent vending machine ring at McDonalds. (Not that I want a 25cent ring.)

I’m becoming quite jealous envious of everyone getting married. My co-worker is getting married this October. The same guy that mastered avoiding wedding issues with his girlfriend for a couple years now. *le sigh*

Not to mention a certain important figure in my life is getting married for the 3rd time and has only been with her for a couple months. I’m still undecided/neutral about that.  That’s a story for a whole other day.

But I am quite amazed that I changed my status to engaged on Facebook and I was so graciously ninja about it that no one notice. Yey me! I don’t want to necessarily want to explain to everyone it’s not official yet, because then I turn into looking like the crazed girlfriend that wants to chain tie down my illusive boyfriend. Which might be semi true, but not. 😛

If it’s not known already, I’ve been allowed to choose the wedding date if you didn’t know before its 10-10-10. I never truly realized how hard it is to choose a wedding date until now. Not even during my first marriage did I have a hard time.

For J and I, we choose the day we started dating. Not a whole lot of thought, but then again we were just giving his parents a day so they could shut up. :X

I was kind of hinting at doing the same thing, but since after 4 years we haven’t decided if we started going out on the 23 or 24th of December made it hard. Not to mention its RIGHT BEFORE Christmas and just AFTER Nyx’s birthday, I didn’t want our wedding to steal the thunder from either events. Plus December is already a REALLY expensive month for us, anniversary/wedding would only make it harder for us.

So we went through ALL the months. But all the months have to meet my criteria.

  1. I don’t like odd numbers. I drives me crazy, but if it must be an odd number, when all the numbers are calculated together it must equal an even number. (Ex: 1-13-10 (24)) Yea I’m kind of cuckoo like that.
  2. If at all possible, even numbers across the board.
  3. Not a single day in February (Not my month), August (It’s already special enough since my birthday falls here), or November (I’d rather focus of Black Friday during this month).
  4. Preferably a weekend, Friday – Sunday.

I know I’m really bad.

So January was out because its too close to the beginning of the year. February was out simply because it’s February. March was a maybe, but it’s an odd month so that means I’d have to choose and odd day which left my options to 5, 7, 13, 19, 21 or the 27. Of which none really jived with me. April was a maybe. June was a no because too many damn birthdays. Preston’s on the 1st, Roxanne on the 3rd and Kyra on the 18th. Too many occasions already. July was a no because it’s odd and its starts getting pretty hott around then. August is no because it’s my month. September was a no because my dad’s birthday is on the 18th. October is a yes because it’s a 10, which is a good number and Halloween wouldn’t mind if I still it’s thunder. Plus I love the fall. November is a no because weird stuff happens to me during this month. December for pretty obvious reason.

So we are left with April and October. Both awesome months. But then I realized 10-10-10. The perfect day. Sure why not. And that’s how our wedding date came to be.  Plus 3 10s, 3 being Preston’s favorte number.

After reading that I feel bad for Preston, he has to marry my psycho number-math-picky-crazed ass.

Poor Guy.



3 responses

28 01 2009
♥ Monique

Hmm. I guess I didn’t clear my cookies or something because it was showing an older entry as your newest entry, which is why I guess I missed this one. 😐
Anywho- here is my official congratulations to your officially unofficial engagement!

Congratulations!!! 😀

28 01 2009

ooooooh yeah! yay for 10-10-10! Congrats to both you and Pres. and I think your weirdo math number thing is darling so never you worry about that.

20 02 2009
Heidi b...

OMG!!! I HAD NO IDEA YOU GUYS WERE GETTING MARRIED, OHH MY CAPS LOCKS ON IM GOING TO TAKE IT OFF.. much better, anyways congrats hooker, you better invite me to the wedding or im going to cry myself to sleep for the next 2 weeks, for real im not even joking.. i wish my webcam was on then i could show you my happy dance lol ok so bye friend, love your face…btw in case your confused thats my new way of saying aloha…

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