For the love, not the money.

21 01 2009

Which then did turn into for the money, not the love.

I could have sworn I loved my job. I loved that no matter how much of a handicapI was compared to everyone else I dominated. I loved the challenges. I loved learning new things everyday. I loved teaching the old dogs my new tricks. I loved everything about it.

Now I hate it. I work hard to make the money and get the hell out for the weekend. There are challenges, there are new things everyday, there are so many opportunities, but The Worm kills it all.

Side Note: The Worm is in terms of my/our departments GTM counter part. He bites ass.

I understand only wanting excellence and perfection. I understand that when things go south it fucking sucks and you will get mad, but seriously he takes it to a whole other level.

In the past 3 weeks I’ve been finding it really hard to have “No Bad Days” because of him. I want to pull my  hair out the moment I step into the office. He makes it this bad. I always had my supervisor that interacted with The Worm, but since he is gone I have to. Before I never understand why the guys disliked him so much.

The Worm has a cute baby face. He always smells good. He’s tall and for a 40-something really cute. But then he opens his mouth and you want to shove a paper bag of dog shit down his throat. I’m sorry, that’s mean I know, but he makes me so mad.

I do my best at everything I do, I work hard, I get things down way before the deadline yet it’s never good enough. He talks down to me like I’m 12. My work never feels appreciated.

Sure over the past week or so my incredibly over priced system kind of caught fire, but it was due to the heavy heavy rains the last several weeks and I can’t control mother nature. I’m sorry I wasn’t breathing down everyone’s neck when they turned the system on and didn’t make them open the enclosure to check for water. Because frankly we never had that issue before. I’m sorry I didn’t turn it on personally, I was busy do yours and my boss’ endless paperwork and calls. I’m sorry. I’m sorry our parts are still away at the manufacturer’s and I can’t fix it right away this minute, but I can’t force people I don’t know to work on my equipment in New York, Texas, and Isreal I just don’t know them. I’m sorry I’m not my boss and the only female in the department. I’m sorry.

Mr. Worm you are like a 24/7 period, a walking PMS. Midol just doesn’t kill it.

But give me a break, I’m the only employee that is willing to bend to your whim and get it done when and how you want it. I’m the only employee that with a snap of a finger I will fly to whatever part of the world you want me to to get training on anything you want. I’m the only employee that doesn’t talk back and doesn’t stare you down. I’m the only employee that seriously wants to cry everytime you yell at me, but I don’t.

Lay off. Please. I want to love my job again.



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