Explorers We Are

18 01 2009

Since we own a truck… correction… SUV we literally have no reason to not go on excursions. Granted our island isn’t that big and we can’t do a cross country road trip there must be some amazing places we have yet to see of our home.

It’s kind of how when you are a little kid, living a big place, and just exploring. There are hiding places you’ve never thought of, prices jewels (probably your parents) you will find and play pirates with, bed sheets that can and will be turned into tent apartments, and endless things and places to be discovered. Well now that we are older, our “house” just got bigger and our imaginations just a little wider, and bonus a pocket with some money to pay for gas.

So we’ve been trying to get out every weekend for the past month and see somewhere new. Most of the places thus far has been places that aren’t so hidden, actually quite common, just never set the time to go check it out and better yet lack of the vehicle to get us there.

Granted this is only our 3rd excursion? I think. We are taking it slowly. My 4runner is still my baby car, so I’m kind of nervous of breaking it and getting scratches. But then that turns me into a hypocrite, what’s the point of own an SUV with 4wheel drive and not truly utilizing it? So baby steps, baby steps.

I’ll try to get some pictures up soon. I still need to install my Photoshop on my computer.

But I have to say the more beautiful things about Hawaii are the places you  have to work hard to get to. Our beaches are generally really clean, but these beaches. They are beautiful, sans the hippies too! (FYI: Nothing against hippies.)

So that’s where we are right now, becoming explorers and actually embracing the whole island 1 acre at a time.

Today, we were lone rangers. It was just Preston and me. We checked out the south side this time. Mahalepu, always wanted to go to the end, just never had the chance. In which I found a beautiful beach, we plan on that being our next camping trip. I also wouldn’t mind snorkling and/or diving there either. The water was so beautiful, clear and calm.

But some some explorations you aren’t always going to find the best trail. The trail itself was kind of a dud, didn’t lead to much really. But it was nice just being the two of us. Well Deuce was there too, but he’s much more a cuddlebug than an explorer.

We took some pictures and went on home in preparations for Nyx’s return. Not that he’s ever gone long. 😛

PS. We did scratch the truck. 😦




One response

27 01 2009

Is this what i got a video text about. muddy road with grass on either side. COOL!

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