Ahhhh Deep Breath….

16 01 2009

It’s Friday, better yet it’s a 3 day weekend. And my last day as quasi-supervisor. It’s nice. A lot of weight off my shoulders. I really don’t think I could handle another week.

Best yet, tonight I get to drink. Not that I’m an alcoholic or anything… anymore. :/

My good friend, brother, Akira is going back to Reno tomorrow morning so this is the last time I’ll see him till summer. But with so many friends and family moved away I have to seize the moment, day or night, to spend with them when they come home for a visit. Although Naomi, I might be tempted to just kidnap for a couple weeks, lol.

Point being since so many friends have moved away I hardly go out anymore. It just doesn’t feel the same. Maybe its me being all nostalgic, but its no where as fun anymore. Could be me just getting old. I can always go with Preston, but he hates going to bars. His whole over-protective-cali-mexican-gangsta-tough-guy exterior/attitude really kills it. Preston always feels like he has to be on a look out for some horrible thing or person that will come our way. He literally can’t relax to just have fun, so in short, he’s a full on party pooper and damn straight depressing to go bar/club hopping with. Ultra sad face here 😦

So when a special occasion comes by, example friends visiting home, I take the first chance I can to go out or even stay in to drink and socialize. So I may get blistering drunk. I may not even remember it. I may even wakeup with a hangover. But in the end I don’t regret it. I know I had fun and it’s great to be able to just let loose and let your inhibitions go.

So here’s to tonight and probably being hung over tomorrow.






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27 01 2009

OOOOOH kidnap me anytime!

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