14 01 2009

We were dropping Nyx off at school, doing our regular  routine.

Unbuckle, grab backpack, grasp the spam musubi, put backpack on, say our goodbyes, hugs and kisses.

Correction no kisses from Preston.

Preston: K man, have good day *hug*

Nyx: Wait! My kiss *looks up waiting for it*

Preston: Yea…..  no man. Here’s a hug.

Nyx: *bewildered* No I want a kiss.

Danni: Yea where is his kiss? Just give him a kiss. Geez.

Preston: Here have this *kisses his forehead*

In the car I had to ask what the big deal was.

Preston: He’s too old for a kiss.

WTF?!?! Didn’t know there was an age limit. I was then lead into this whole talk that it’s not masculine for two guys to kiss. It’s all about the hugs and hand shakes. The ‘manly’ gesture. Which lead me to ask, “You don’t kiss your dad?” Obviously not if he’s having this conversation with me.  So I spent the day asking guys I work with, do you kiss your dad? When’s the last time?

I lost.

Only one guy admitted to kissing his dad. Every 6 months. When he visits him in the mainland.

So am I just the weird one? It’s a small peck on the check. My son loves giving affection and receiving it too. It’s not like you are molesting him. I don’t get it, I must be weird.

Nope. I’m just the mom.

It’s a given that men will be men, even if they are dads. And moms? Well moms with forever try to sneak and steal every possible freaking kiss they can get.

After a day of thinking about it. I don’t kiss my dad. It’s been a while. It’s not like the opportunity presented itself, if it did I kiss my dad.

I don’t know. I figure as long as my son is cool with getting hugs and kisses from his parents in public I’m going to juice it for all it’s worth. Because I know when the day comes that he says no, I’m going to be pissed.



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