12/21/12 or Not.

13 01 2009

Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t stop my Blog 365. I’ve been doing it old school. Good old pen and paper. Internet use has been kind of intermittent over the last week and I didn’t want to break one of my resolutions so I’ve been journaling instead, which still counts…. I think.

But it was good just going back to the traditional ‘blogging methods’ true no one gets to read it, but I truly get to pour my heart and soul into. Subconsciously I know I probably filter some of my thoughts and feelings. I guess I’m just trying to spare hurt feelings, offending someone, or better yet hurting anyone. Don’t misinterpret that as me writing some really shitty things about people in my journal. This in fact is quite the opposite of what I was doing.

 I’ve been thinking about things lately. This whole society fart of the world coming to an end on December 21, 2012. Now I don’t normally fall for those things. I’ll take some hard facts before I even decided if I believe it or not. But although hard true proven facts haven’t been presented to me I will say I started to get a bit ‘nervous’ when people who are even MORE skeptical about me say I have some belief in it. I don’t always believe what everyone tells me, but when people more skeptical than I, people that needs hard facts proving to them the grass is really green, or roses are red confide that they find some truth in the end of the world I do get just a tad bit nervous.

Then comes me watching the History channel and watching all the shows proving that the signs are happening, that the prophets held true to their word in some sense and that the red sea will kill us all. My imagination did run away for a bit. I cried.

Sad, but true. I let me imagination get the better hold on me.

I don’t quite regret it though.

I thought about what if it is true. We all have 3 years left on earth. We brought this upon ourselves. We ended our own lives, mass suicide. If the world truly is coming to an end and not because of some prophet, it still is our fault. What are we doing to stop this? Nothing. Which soon led into… what’s the point of working so much? To make money to buy materialistic things when I could be – and much rather be – at home spending time with my family and enjoying life while I can.

 I won’t deny that I fell into a somewhat pit of anger, depression, and just helplessness all at the same time.

Then I laughed.

 A good laugh.

I was being irrational. Plus I was breaking one of my resolutions letting that ruin my day. If by chance the world might end I should be enjoying everyday, not being gloomy bear till it comes.

Besides it’s ridiculous. I read what is thought to happen when the end comes. Seriously a planet named Nibiru – whatever it is – crashes into earth?!?! Orbiting into the milky way to be sucked into a black hole? ALIENS?!?! How about the fact that movies are training us to be used to the fact of aliens coming to help us? Here’s a good one, God is actually an alien. Makes it hard for anyone to find truth in this, especially me.

Although, the pole shifting holds some truth I don’t want to call bullshit on that and I end up being wrong.

In other news, I think I got my computer/internet issues situated. Been a bit scatterbrained, my computer is all over the house and only late last night did I set it back up where it should be. So I’ll be back blogging rather than journaling. That’s until Friday, where I have to move my computer again and have another Oovoo night.

PS. Preston bought me us a Canon XSi, it’s kinda nifty. Nothing compared to a Nikon though. One day, one day.



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