No Bad Days

3 01 2009
No Bad Days

No Bad Days

So as we were sitting in the drive thru of Burger King this bumper sticker was on the car in front of us.

No Bad Days.

It really got me thinking about things, conflicts, that I’ve dealt with last year. Conflicts with myself, friends, family, and my boyfriend. Now I know that we can’t all get along perfectly all the time. I know that when I argue or don’t see eye to eye with someone it’s not the end of the world. But there would be moments where I just couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t let time heal my problems and in turn it would ruin my day, if not my week.

It’s no ones’ fault, but my own. No one makes me hold onto “grudges”.

This year, I’m refusing to let that happen this year. I want No Bad Days.

I’m refusing to let people, things, issues, ANYTHING bring me down and affect my time. We only have one chance in this life I don’t want to waste days, weeks, being brought down by trivial things.

My family and I are in good health. We all have our jobs, a roof over our heads, and food on our table. That’s what really should matter.

I’m not saying I’m going to become a bitch and care about no one and their problems. Simply just saying, I”m going to worry less. I’m still going to care, but I’m not going to let it affect me and my day. Often times my weeks. I felt like I was a hermit for so much of 2008. I even admitted that to people. I don’t think I suffer from depression, atleast I would hope not, but I”d get so down that I’d literally just hide out from the world. I’d wake not wanting to do anything. Not wanting to see anyone. Just to be left alone.

I’m a people person. I love being surrounded by people I love and I know love me back. But becoming a hermit I’ve missed out on so much things. I’ve lost contact with so much people. I don’t wants going on anymore, completely out of the loop. When before I was the central unit of the loop.

This year… No Bad Days.

Just lasting memories and great times to be had.




One response

4 01 2009

Day 3 and your doing great so far. I am impressed with your resolution holding to. I should probably get started on mine.

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