Hello 2009!!!

1 01 2009

So I’m taking up a new “thing”, kind of a new years resolution.

I am participating in Blog 365. And I know judging on my past – being MIA and/or hiatus for weeks on end – I have no clue how long this is going to last me. But I shall try nonetheless. So Blog 365 is exactly as the name tells it. In some way or another I will write a blog entry everyday this year. It will either be on here, my son’s blog, or my project car blog. It also counts if I go old school and just write in my journal. Seeing that I have yet to touch any of our boxes and having no clue when I will ever get to it I may never find my journal. Most likely all my entries will be in a blog format.

Things have been interesting this past month. I caught a cold on the 9th of December which then turned into the full blown influenza on the 19th of which I needed to go to the ER, poked at, injected and knocked out. Interesting experience, which honestly  I don’t care to go through any time soon. I am only now finally getting over my cold.

But my cold didn’t stop me from enjoying the holidays and bringing in the new year.

Christmas was fun, but interestingly it was simple. I mean real simple. Nothing big or exciting. I have tons of pictures and videos to edit and upload. As soon as I unbury my computer that’s hidden under papers clothes and bags in my bed room. (Side Note: I’m using the Beau’s laptop for all internet uses.) My son pretty much got everything he wanted. I got a wonderful massage and facial treatment along with a 2 night stay in a hotel topped with 5 straight nights of wonderful dinner outings to some of my favorite restaurants. Sick or not I am not letting that ruin my great presents.

I felt bad that all I got Preston was some new clothes and Call of Duty 5. But he seem pretty content with it and didn’t get me any hassles because my present was kind of his present too.

New Year’s was pretty much celebrated the same way. We had Nyx so we didn’t go out partying anywhere. And even if we didn’t have him I don’t think we wanted to go anywhere. I feel that as I am getting older that whole bar/party scene doesn’t seem so exciting anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love going out still, but given a choice I’d much rather spend a relaxing time at home with my family, some alcohol and household full of laugther with the people that mean the most to me. We all have only one chance, better make the most of with people you care about than random strangers.

God I’m getting old.

So hopefully I’m off to a good start this year. I  still have to comprise my list or New Year’s resolution. There will be a couple cliches, but some new good ones too. Just gotta jot them down.



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