Thursday Thirteen: 12

11 12 2008

13 Things that have happened during 2008


  1. Started the year off in New York, my first time there. (Jan)
  2. Bought my first project car, 1992 Nissan 240sx. (Feb.)
  3. Moved into a bigger place. (March/April)
  4. Had my gall bladder removed (May)
  5. Got a raise at work (May)
  6. Spent my boyfriend’s birthday in Oahu (June)
  7. My son started Kindergarten (August)
  8. My boyfriend bought a 2004 Toyota 4runner for my 24th birthday. (August)
  9. Had 600lbs antenna array fall onto my leg and only suffered a sprained/bruised ankle. (September)
  10. Got another raise (October)
  11. Moved again. (November)
  12. Spent my first Thanksgiving with my boyfriend. FYI: We’ve been together for 4 years. (November)
  13. Celebrated my son’s 5th birthday.

 Bonus: 14. I didn’t lose my mind. LoL.



4 responses

11 12 2008
Eaton Bennett

That was an awesome year! Happy TT!

11 12 2008

Congrats on your accomplishments….and not losing you mind! Happy TT!

11 12 2008

Sounds like a productive and happy year! oxoxox

11 12 2008

You are so lucky to have made it through that antenna array falling on your leg with only a bruised ankle! The rest was just the icing if you ask me (who has had 3 sprained ankles in her life, the last one while just moving my feet to adjust how I was standing. That was March.). I might steal your idea for the end of the year. 🙂

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