I’m back on my saddle

5 10 2008

A little side ways, not exactly ready to ride again. But I’m up there nonetheless.

I’m back to taking things in strides again. Which there is nothing wrong with that, but I feel that I am always taking things in strides. When will I be back to taking huge steps again?

October is one of my more favorite months, along with August and December 8th. This month tends to go by too fast for me, but while it whizzing past I enjoy watching all the Halloween decorations come out. I love picking new outfits. I love dressing up. I love all the oldie horror movies that are constantly playing on TV.  Above all I love the candy. It’s such a great interactive holiday.

So I am trying my best to not let crappy September carry on into October.

Actually the 1st started off a great month, we got a raise. Which equated to about $1.11 more an hour. Then it started off with my ankle being pretty healed up. It’s a little weak, but I can walk on it. I’m not being held down by those wretched crutches anymore. We get paid 3 times this month. My friend Levi came home for a month. We held a massive Oovoo night with Naomi and Devin, hopefully another one to come soon. Then there’s Halloween to end the month.

Not to say that it’s only the 5th so there are tons of great things that can happen from now till the 31st. So I’m pretty excited.

The only thing that bums me out just a little is that I may be, probably, late to order my costume from Trashy.com. I’ve ordered my last 3 costumes from them and love them all. Last year I was a sexy geisha/samurai, then there was the deviant nun, and before that was a naughty pirate.

I don’t know what I want be yet, but Batgirl is sparking my interests.

Preston has been doing good. We had a ‘syndrome’ scare last month. Which is still a syndrome, but not as deadly as the doctor’s worried it might be. He’s still recovering, but doing great. And with that scare his health has been the epitome of a huge change for him. He’s been attending church regularly, I have been a little reluctant. Church hasn’t really been my thing. He’s started working out more often too. He bought a weight bench set, running more often, and trying to be conscious about what he eats.

Nyx is really starting to enjoy school. Although it’s still a hassle to get him up and going for school in the morning, he isn’t so much a hassle dropping off. He gets out gives a big hug and kiss, then off he goes. He writes me cute notes at the end of the week. It’s usually goes along the lines of “Dear Family, I learned (insert letter) and (insert number). Love Nyx.” Drawn with whatever he learned the past week.

This is his first school break. Fall break, grr, he has tons of breaks this month. He had last friday off, this whole week, the following Monday (its Columbus day), the 17th and all half days from the 20th-24th. WTH?!?!

On a good side, he gets his first report card this money and parent teacher conferece. I’m excited. I don’t think he understands the meaning of all that yet. But he will the day he brings home a bad report card. lol.



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