A Crappy September

15 09 2008

One would think that since I left August with a wonderful note that the greatness would carry over into September. Where in fact it just died on the 1st.

Yea this month really hasn’t been that great. I don’t blog or right much when I’m in a crappy depressing mood. Well I do but NEVER nearly as much when I’m happy.

It feels like summer just started all over again. It’s 9:40pm and I am sweating my ass off as I sit here. With a fan. Pointed right at me. 1 foot away. WTF.

But it’s more than that.

Bad news keeps rolling away, most I’m not entirely at liberty to talk about, and some I just don’t want to mention.

Somehow our money just evaporated into thin air. And we are here liquidating our crap to make up for the evaporated money.

The people I traded my car in to for the 4runner were supposed to take care of the loan. Guess what they didn’t. It’s been over a month. I had a collections agency call me last friday for my lack of payment and I was almost up shit creek if it wasn’t for Preston going down there today and ripping them a new one.

They still haven’t paid for like $400 of it. But it’s better tha nothing. I hate those guys. Once this resolved we are writing into the Better Business Burea to complain. This little stunt they did really did put a bad note on my credit history/score.

I know I checked.

Things seriously have been rolling down hill.

……… I picked up smoking again………

I hate it, but right now I don’t know a better way to relieve the stress.

The other night Preston and I sat outside. Kind of had to I was smoking a cigarette and he asked me how I felt. I wanted to cry, but couldn’t. I told him with everything that’s happening I just want to cry, fall into a coma, and wake up when all of this has been resolved.

He laughed. Then he went on to talk about buying a motorcycle some 250 something. Guys really suck at making you feel better. I was better off just talking to the dog.

Oh yea I bought a dog. The only great thing about this month

I’m going to go. I have to go through our bills now. We have a total of $70 to live off of till Friday. Most people will say that’s more than plenty. But really our case…… it’s not.



2 responses

18 09 2008

Awww baby! I am so sorry. i mean I knew september was not going well in general…but it sounds god awful. *squeeze*

18 09 2008

I am here if you want to vent. Even if it is after midnight 😛 I am much more rested now!!!!

Love love love you and Hang in there. With any luck next month will be awesome!

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