Thursday Thirteen #9 : The island lingo.

30 07 2008

So different states have different accents and some how people always know where they come from. So naturally Hawaii has one too.

It’s called Pidgin. I personally don’t talk pidgin, because as local people would call me I’m haole-fied. Haole means foreigner, but most likely referred to a Caucasian person. So since I don’t speak pidgin I obviously speak proper English. I just personally think it doesn’t sound the most intelligent. But to each their own right?

FYI pidgin isn’t used on all islands. “Full pidgin” is most common on Kauai. Maui has some full pidgin, but not like Kauai. Big Island too. Oahu is almost like the mainland, so not too many people use pidgin there. So here I shall teach you 13 of the most commonly used slangs and phrases.

1. “Brok Da Mout” – Broke the mouth meaning it’s tasty and delicious. So good it “broke” your mouth.

Ex: “Ho! How da food? Brok da mout!

2. “Bumbye” – meaning later on, whenever you get around to it.

Ex: “So when are you going to do this? BUMBYE!”

3. “Grind” – meaning to eat like there’s no tomorrow!!

Ex: “Guy I so hungry. We go grind!”

4. “Hapai” – your pregnant.

Ex. “Is she fat? No she stai hapai wit one girl.”

5. “Moi Moi” – meaning sleep.

Ex: “Ok hunny you go moi moi with mommy.”

6. “Panty” – meaning a wuss, sissy, wimp.

Ex. “Guy no be one panty it’s not that bad.”

7. “Stink Eye” – meaning mean or hard look.

Ex. “My mom had give me da stink eye wen I had come home late.”

8. “Wala’au” – meaning to talk a lot. Direct translation means diarrhea of the mouth.

Ex. “Why so late? My sistah n I was wala’auing all morning.”

9. “Planny” – meaning plenty, a lot of.

Ex. “We get planny food already no need cook.”

10. “Talk Stink” – meaning to talk bad about someone.

Ex. “My ears stai ringing someone must be talking stink about me.”

11. “Dirty Lick’ns” – meaning spanking.

Ex. “My mom going give me dirty lick’ns if I come home late.”

12. “Choke” – meaning a lot, plenty

Ex. “How was the party? Had choke people.”

13. “Da kine” – meaning the word you use when you can’t remember what you want to say. Most widely known phrase.

Ex. “You had take da kine to go see da kine yea?”

FYI if you don’t know what “da kine” is from the start of the conversation you might as well give up. lol.




5 responses

31 07 2008

thank you for sharing. this is very interesting. i always wanted to learn some hawaiian.

31 07 2008

Great list here!!! Happy TT! hope you’ll visit mine too…

31 07 2008
Suzanne Says...

Great list! I’ve never been to Hawaii, so I find it interesting I’ve heard and used #7 and #10 in my own speaking. LOL Long way from Oklahoma to Hawaii…

31 07 2008

Hahaha!! I actually missed Hawaii when I read this. 😥

31 07 2008

it’s funny how these things are so ingrained into our every day lives that we rarely ever think about what their literal meanings are…i like when i have out of town company and use words like this…the quixotic look on their faces is pricesless!

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