Why So Serious?!?! The Dark Knight review

28 07 2008

is a must see movie.

May contain spoilers, don’t read unless you saw it. Or don’t care if I spoil the movie.

We finally got to see it. It was worth every minute of the 2 hour 45 minutes I sat their in awe.

Nyx and I have been dying to see this movie since the first preview the many many months back.

From the very first action scene to the fleeing of the vigilante Batman my heart was racing and pounding hard in my chest. Literally, I sat there with my mouth hung open and awing.

Now for be to break it down.

Batman: Now Christian Bale has never been “up” there on my celeb list, but he wasn’t at the bottom either. I loved him in Equilibrium, but hated him in American Psycho. But he has a great mixture of the “right” Bruce Wayne/Batman. Except for the voice. What the hell was up with Batman’s voice? He looked like he had cotton balls in his mouth, but spoke like he was suffering from laryngitis or some other voice threatening sickness.

Now considering the past Batmen.

Michael Keaton: I think he made a pretty good Batman, but lacked the sex appeal and wealthiness of Bruce Wayne.

Val Kilmer: He was neutral. Ok Batman. Ok Bruce Wayne.

George Clooney: Perfect Bruce Wayne. But when it came to Batman it seemed like a joke. At least to me. Around this time the Batman series just seemed kind of childish. Feel far from the animated series and even farther from the comics.

Won’t include Adam West. He’s a whole new category of his own.

Harvey Dent/Two Face: The look was dead on. I would have never thought Aaron Eckheart would be play Two Face, but man I am happy he did. Amazing and he really matched the part very well. I have nothing bad to say about his character or how he portrayed him either. Honestly though I didn’t even know Two Face was going to be in this movie. So throwing him in was a huge bonus for me. Sadly I wish he didn’t die in the end. I seriously told you there was going to be spoilers so don’t snap at me.

Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face: hands down did nothing for me. I like Mr. Jones, but his portrayal of Two Face lacked fear. I thought he was funny, like a clown funny, and that’s just not what Two Face is. Come on a man with half his face burned off should strike fear not laughter.

Rachel Dawes played by Maggie Gyllenhaal was pretty good. Don’t understand her purpose anymore. So she’s Bruce’s long time friend and Dent’s fiance. Great, but I guess you have to throw a love triangle into any movie Batman or not. I’m kind of glad she died. I started to feel she wasn’t really adding much to the story anymore. But I guess that kind of explains as to why Bruce never really got married or was completely interested in other women. Other than shagging them. lol.

Scarecrow played by Cillian Murphy. Let me just say this. What the hell was the point of even putting him into the movie?!?!!? He had all of 5 minutes and that was all. I never really liked the Scarecrow.

Lucius Fox played by Morgan Freeman. Please oh please tell me he will be in the next installment. I love Morgan Freeman. Whether he is playing God or dying of cancer. He is awesome. It explains who made all of Batman nifty toys. Quite frankly it will just suck if he leaves.

Alfred Pennyworth played by Michael Caine. He’s a better Alfred than the last. I don’t know their names though. So we won’t go over them. But he adds that bit of humor a type of movie like this needs. Not too much where it kills it, but just enough. Wish he was my Alfred.

And that just about sums it up for my mini break down of everyone.


Can’t leave out the best. The reason I love Batman in the first place.

The Joker.

Played by the late Heath Ledger. I will be honest I had very low expectations of the Joker simply because he was being played by Heath Ledger. I’m kind of in the middle when it comes to his movies. I don’t love them, I don’t hate them, but I just never cared for them. With the exception to A Knight’s Tale, I kind of liked that movie.

But playing Joker?!?! The dark completely demented and psychotic Joker? Not to mention dashingly handsome and awesomely dressed too. When I was little and watch the original Batman animated series I loved Joker, he was crazy and I wanted to be his Harley Quinn. Yes I was a weird child. But I liked his character.

So to hear Heath was going to play him I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t picture him playing someone so evil. And I hate to say this, but I’m completely stoked he did. Sadly it may have cost his life. But man it was a performance worth seeing. He had even the tiniest details of the Joker down to the T-ongue. If you know what I mean.

Heath had me at the “pencil trick.”

Quoting Naomi, “Heath makes Jack Nicholson as the Joker, a joke. An amateur.” It’s true.

I was hoping Harley Quinn would have been in the movie, but who would play her is the question.

As for the move as a whole, I am completely in love with the director – Christopher Nolan. I love Tim Burton, but his version was not as dark as Nolans. But I guess one must understand that Tim Burton followed a little closer to the animated series, which is aimed more towards kids. It was a little more comical. Where Nolan followed closer to the comics which had a darker feel to it. And man it pays off.

Once again like Naomi said, “Gotham was a place you can relate more towards. You can see some place and say hey that’s chicago! That’s New York! You can tell it is placed more during our time than some other world/time/place.”

To end it all I can’t wait to see what the next Batman installment Nolan has for us will be. Not to add who will ever be able to fill Ledger’s shoes as quite possibly thee best Joker.



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5 08 2008

Ohhh excellent review. I felt like i watched the movie again and had that same sense of DAMN THAT WAS A GOOD MOVIE. plus i had a few quotes in tehre. Dang Imma smart one! lol.

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