My Many Visual Transformations

28 06 2008

I just realized this after post an excerpt on Cafemom, I know I like to cut my hair, but I really didn’t know how often. Or even how much till this post.

Over the course of 3 years I’ve had 3 dramatic hair cuts. Sure I get a trim here and there, but 3 major cuts each year since 2005. Here’s your visual: (FYI: It’s pretty picture intensive)

3 Years Ago


3 years ago, long hair


3 years ago, short hair

2 Years Ago


2 years ago, long hair\


2 years ago, short hair

1 Year Ago


1 year ago, long hair


1 year ago, short hair

I don’t know what’s up with me. I just wake up one day, it time for it to go and off comes the hair. Easy as that. I love my hair, sure I get really irritated growing my hair our. Especially that stage where it’s not short even to keep me cool and say out of the way and it not long enough that I can’t put it into a pony tail or anything.

I think these drastic cuts are because I love extreme dramatic fast changes. I hate changes that take over and eventually change slow over time. If things are going to change, well damn they better start changing fast and NOW!

If I really think about it that way, then it explains why I love change. I know that when things change and you have to readjust yourself it’s ok. You live. You grow. You adapt. It becomes the norm. Then you change again.

That’s life. That’s growing up.

My hair it grows, it changes, it always come back.

My family and friends, they grow, they change, and they always come back.

I know this is such a weird post, but I’ve been really confused about a lot of things in my life. And finding MY philosophy of life and understanding my place is what I have been aiming for.

And somewhere my hair cuts helped me in a way.

I can shave my head bald, dye my skin green, and do whatever else to myself, but no matter what I’m me. Nothing and no one changes that.



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