It’s not jealousy, believe me.

24 05 2008

I just seem to be full of complaints today.

OK only 2 complaints, but complaints nonetheless.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe a select few, but I have a very set way of what a family is in my mind.

Families don’t keep things from each other. They are open and honest. Families do what they can to be there for you. Even it’s it not physically they call, check in on you,  or even send stupid text messages. Families aren’t second best to anything. When you take away the materialist superficial things all you have left is your family and friends that might as well be your freaking family.

You get the gist, I really could go on.

But lately, my sister has been grinding on my nerves.

I mean 100 grit sandpaper grinding. 😐

Since my brother and his girlfriend moved away we knew they were going to be coming back to visit. We found out months ahead of time they were coming in May. We knew many weeks ahead of time the days they would be here. Now before my surgery I made sure I had some days off to spend some time with them. Time I could put forth the effort to see them and do something.

Now since I’m kind of stuck in my house they have been gracious and understanding enough to hang out at the house with us. Spend some time with the nephew, Nyx, BBQ, watch some movies, play some games, and in generally spend some good quality time together.

But my sister? She spent maybe one day. All she did was rave on and on to people about how our brother and his girlfriend were going to come back to visit. Always reminding anyone, even me, that she was taking off two weeks to hang out with them. Sending text messages about how important we, her family, were to her. How we need to spend more time together so we aren’t like our mom. Yada yada yada.

So my brother and his girlfriend have been here for a week. They leave on the 28th. She hasn’t taken off. In fact she’s taking off for a week or so the day he LEAVES so she can spend time with the not-girlfriend-girlfriend’s family.

Sure I’m pretty understanding that she works two jobs. I let that go, but it’s not like she works both jobs everyday. The night she could have come out hang out we were blown off because she “had a meeting with the girlfriend.” When do you have meetings with your significant other?

I brushed it off.

But I’m coming to realize it’s more than that. It’s more than her not spending time with out brother who we aren’t going to see for a while and hardly will. It’s more than her not spending time with me.

It was finally brought to my attention, which I always thought but never believed or wanted to say, my sister is a horrible compulsive liar.

She makes up insane stories sometimes. LOTS of people always believe her and we, family and friends, have to hear about from other people and we know it’s full of SHIT.

She told people the reason why our brother was coming down was to get married. WTF.

When we confront her about her lies she adds on to them. We don’t say anything about it anymore, we just let it go and let her look and sound like a loony. But it’s those lies that drive me insane and I just somehow never made that connection.

I hate it even more when she tells some bullshit about our own family. I got her Myspacing a message about how “our dad doesn’t even know how to be a real dad yet. She can’t drive any where because she crashed the grandparents car. My dad can get us any alcohol we want because he doesn’t care.”

A) My dad does care, sometimes doesn’t know how to show it.

B)  She doesn’t even have a license or know how to drive.

C) My grandparents aren’t even crazy enough to let ME borrow it, let alone her?

She asks for advice, I know she doesn’t care about and ALWAYS replies with “That’s what I said!” Which is bullshit about 99% of the time. That 1% is rare and really far between.

I hate hearing from people that have been my friends 5 times longer than they ever knew my sister ask me about things she says. Especially about our dark past and family problems.

I personally don’t like to hang our dirty laundry out for everyone.  But she loves the attention she gets.

Brings me to issue 2. We – I will not say who that consists of – have come to general consensus that she hurts herself on purpose to gain attention and sympathy pains. I no longer care what she does. I know she isn’t a cutter, so I don’t worry.

But drives me over the cliff insane is the fact that she thinks we are completely stupid to her stupid games and she doesn’t realize she’s doing it all day every day.

She’s like the early stages of our mother.

People who don’t think she’s like that think I’m insanely jealous. That I want her attention. I want her life.

Sorry people, I like being honest, I hate attention, I enjoy NOT looking like Jack the Skeleton King, I love having curves and boobs, and I’m not an attention whore.

I don’t know what to say to her anymore. It all sounds like lies and she turns herself in the victim.

I just want to bitch slap her sometimes.




3 responses

25 05 2008

After many, many years I realized my sister doesn’t live up to any similar values that I have………..I often grit my teeth in how she relates to our Mother now. I also have a sister-in-law who is a compulsive liar. Took me years to admit this but you can’t change them. Take it from someone old enough to be(–won’t tell you that–)that its best to not even deal with a liar –Detach from your sister. Its hard to do but you can do it Take from someone who has been there it doesn’t get better. It gets worse until you feel like choking yourself. Your sister needs therapy and a very strong therapist—-you don’t…….let her go her way.

Very nice Blog–the photo album is a great addition.

28 05 2008

Wow. We’d have the same sister if mine actually talked to me. 😐 I have no advice, but I relate. :/

1 06 2008

I ❤ you. Thats all I got.

So sorry the old drama continues to get worse…
and to think we were once afraid she would come between us. lol.

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