The worst is not even over!

22 05 2008

This is a really long and boring story. It’s not even well written. I’m on pain killers and before I forget I threw everything up in hopefully the right order. At least the order I remember it in.

I woke up bright and early yesterday. I guess you could say I was semi-anxious to get it done already.

My check in time was 945am, with the surgery at 11am. I couldn’t eat or drink anything starting from midnight the day before. So I was grumpy, starved, and being anemic I felt pretty shitty. I checked in and was pretty grateful that the cafeteria was on the other side of the wall so I brought Preston and Nyx to get some breakfast, while I sat there drooling over their food. Especially the pork hash.

Not even 10 minutes went by that the nurse came to find me to let me know they were ready for me. They brought me into this long corridor which had this tiny openings in the wall, well they were individual rooms that was about 6′ x 5′ and only a curtain to hide you away from everyone else. It was there where I stripped down and thrown into those naughty backless gowns.

I threw to TV on just for it to be tuned to the Martha Stewart show, where of course they were cooking. Next channel, cooking again, next cooking again, next cooking again. DAMMIT I get it already I CAN’T EAT!!!

Finally found the TV channel guide and flipped to House of the Dead.

I got my IV started by a nice nurse who just seemed to love talking to me, apparently her husband works for the same company as I do, they have 4 children all who live in Seattle, they are married, she’s sad that her grandkids are all there too, but doesn’t want to move to Seattle, she’s originally from Kailua, drives a Prius and a Ford Escape and loves being a nurse.

All while she was putting my IV in. lol.

Might I had that was the most painless and easiest IV I’ve ever received. She put a local anesthetic that numbed the pain, which made it comfortable and easy! Now if she was only there when I was giving birth to my son.

I met the anesthesia Dr. O, who honestly kind of scared me, he didn’t seem to be very happy today. I also met with the nurses that would be in there, it was comforting that they were pleasant and seemed to be having a pretty good day. Then last my Dr. J, the surgeon, I swear the world could be coming to an end and I have a feeling that he’d still have that smile on his face, be calm and pleasant still.

It was then that my request to keep my gallbladder in a jar was denied, then keeping the gallstone was denied too. But I promised nice pictures.

Preston and Nyx were by my side while we waited. Watched some cartoons and gave Preston all the info he needed for Nyx’s ear Doctor appointment that afternoon. Before I knew it I was being prepped to be taken away.

Since I found out I needed to go through surgery I’ve been preparing Nyx, letting him know what’s going to happen, how he can help to be my super big boy helper, and to not be afraid.

A lot of good that did.

He started to cry, refused to give me a hug or kiss. I was sad, but I did my best to keep a smile so he would calm down.

The O.R. wasn’t what I expected. I remembered that when I was giving birth to my son, if for some reason I need to have a cesarean that anything that was BLUE was not to be touched because blue meant it was sterilized and cleaned. Well nothing in my O.R. was blue. But then again we weren’t delivering a baby.

The scrub nurses put on this nifty leg warmers/massages on my legs. The anesthesiologist came in, told me what he was doing and that I should start to feel a bit sleepy.

So I waited to get sleepy. Funny thing though, I didn’t. Next thing I knew I was groggy and in pain. Dammit I didn’t even know I K.O.ed. I felt a bit dooped.

My stomach felt huge. And swore. I could barely open my eyes. I heard voices in and out. And dammit I wanted some damn fried chicken. I wanted to know what time it was, but I couldn’t say anything. My throat was so dry and sore. And every time I tried to do something I fell back to sleep. WTF?!

Every once in a while I would feel Nyx hold my hand and kiss my fingers. Preston touching my cheeks. Damn them I could smell McDonald’s off of their fingertips! I barely had the energy to open my eyes. So with all the energy I could muster I signed water to Preston.

I forgot he doesn’t know sign language, damn him.

By the time I was finally awake and had control of myself it was 430pm. The nurse was showing Preston and Nyx pictures of my gallbladder and gallstone, apparently that was pretty cool to at. Then I hear,

“That was the biggest gall stone we’ve ever taken out.”

Preston, “Really? Wow!”

Nyx, “It looks like an eyeball.”

Thanks guys. The first thing I did was ask for food. I was rejected. I’m put on a liquid diet for the next 24hours!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!

Being anemic I asked for some meds to counter my nausea which I knew was coming up. I haven’t eatten in over 16 hours and my patience has by far disappeared hours ago. Shortly after I was given Vicodin. Which if you ever taken Vicodin on an empty stomach you know it makes you dizzy, nauseas, and that leads to puking.

So as soon as I could I was out the door. I wanted to go home where I could sneak some solids into my belly. I stole a nice biohazard bag to puke in on my way home and Preston booked it.

On the way home Preston only had one thing to say to me,

“You should Guinness and see if you can get into the world’s record for Biggest Gall Stone.”

So in the end. I have five holes on my tummy. Staples get removed on the 30th. My back hurts more than anything. I can’t lay down, sit up, or walk without someone assisting me. And I still just want to eat a huge burger.



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1 06 2008

You went to oahu the day after you had the staples removed. Was that safe???? lol. Geez even without a death defying stunt surprise for preston you know how to live on the edge. You’re my hero.

an eyeball…thats gonna keep me laughing for a while. That and you signign water and smelling the McD’s on the finger tips. lol.

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