I’m at my peak you can stop now.

1 05 2008

I’m not really the type of person to really dread on the past and get stuck there. I will admit I will look behind me and wonder about things, but I don’t really sulk in it. I’m typically always looking forward and anxious to know what the future has in store for us, me.
At least that’s how I felt up until the last few weeks.

I feel like things have been flying ‘into’ me way too fast. The first wave of things I took with grace and a huge smile. Sure it ‘swept’ me off my feet, but since then I haven’t been able to get back on my feet and brace myself for everything else. The moment I start getting up from all fours I’m knocked down by the next thing or obstacle, whether it hits me from above or below. Honestly I was enjoying it. Completely excited about all the things happening and overwhelmed with the immense stressed made me feel like I was truly accomplishing a lot of things.

Sadly, a trait that hasn’t dissipated since Jr. high.

But I think I truly met my limit. It’s no fun anymore. I want to stop and breathe for a moment or two. Damn I’d be satisfied with half a moment if it was given.

We’ve literally been on the move since the end of February. In two months we have packed, moved, unpacked, repacked, moved again, and now in the unpacking stage. Again. Bought two cars, not because we were suffering without the lack of vehicles or anything, but it was just there.

The ‘92 240sx is my dream project car. I’ve been searching for this car for almost 8 years, just to be ousted by someone else and we got it together. Then in the process of this car and the insane rising cost of gas realized we need to get another vehicle to save on gas and money. Originally we were going to get rid of our Chevy and my VW to buy some nice sedan, somewhere along the lines of a Camry or Maxima. But Preston then found his dream car. I felt both our criteria. Mine: 4 doors and standard. Preston: Honda Accord. So we bought a ’95 Honda Accord EX. He gave into my dream project car of course I’m going to do the same. No matter how much I hate dislike Hondas. We have yet to get rid of any of our vehicles. So we have 6 – new to old – VW, Chevy, Accord (2dr), Accord (4dr), Ford, and my baby Nissan. So the damn Accord took the place of the car we I really wanted.

Now with the new house, the house we are going to stay in for the next several years, I love this house. It’s huge and leaves tons of room for growing. Minor exception it came with NO appliances. We already had to buy a new refrigerator, but we were left without a stove. At first we were O.K. with it, we had a BBQ and our rice pot so how important is it to have a stove?

Very important.

Try BBQ-ing spaghetti. It took me over 3 hours. It was no fun. So I bought a stove today. It’s not home yet, but I swear I am never going through that again. I’ve been without a stove for almost a month now. I alone spent $900 eating out because we could hardly cook anything at home. And that’s just me I have know clue what Preston spent for when he paid, but I can imagine it’s close to what I spent.

I really don’t know what compelled me – this was before I thought having a stove was major importante – I felt like I needed a bigger couch. Our living room is 3 times bigger than ANY living room we ever had. Correction my dad’s living room is bigger, but that doesn’t count. So having our tiny futon couch in a huge living room was ridiculous. So I went looking for another one. Instead I found two HUGE couches. They are this beautiful royal blue, overstuffed cushions and when you combined them together it forms the most awesomest california king sized fortress. Yes we tried, dived, and fell in love with it. Better yet it was two hundred for both and they belonged to Trey Parker, co-creator of South Park. I will never get rid of them.

So where does this put us?!

In a tight bind. Yes I put myself there. But that’s the least of it.

I normally love my job. I love the people I work with. I love what I do. But The Company is truly wearing me down. I am the only female in my department and I really don’t mind. Like outside of work I am just one of the guys. My boss usually puts me in charge of different things. I look over a bunch of things and I truly love the responsibility. I understand why it happens too. I’m the technical one of the bunch. I take on everything with a smile. I get things done fast and perfect. I practically NEVER grumble. I actually take the time to learn new things and love the challenge. But the guys I work with grumble and honestly talk WAY too much. So much hardly anything gets done. So I’m the “go-to-girl”. But when I’m constantly pulled away from projects for “hot projects” just when I was put on a previous hot project I can’t handle it. I only went in for 4 hours today, just be tasked to 5 different jobs on top of the 3 jobs I already had from the day before. I understand that my boss goes to me because the other guys are older and are really set in their ways, but he must know I have my limits. And he met it last week. lol.

Right now I want the weekend to come because this week has flown by way to quickly. I was really convinced that today was Tuesday. I’m serious too. 😐

Wow I just realized tomorrow is Friday. Jeez that last bit made no sense. 😛



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