Let this week be over

9 04 2008

because stress is something I have way too much of.

Let’s start with last week Friday night, it’s like after 12am and I’m off to bed. And guess what? I wake up an hour later with the most killer back pain. It was shooting up, down, left, right just damn near all over my back. I tossed and turn trying to find the most comfortable position. I ended up grabbing the floor futon and trying to lie on the floor. Nope. The pain then start spreading to my chest.

You know the feeling you get when you are going down a roller coaster or when you start going down on an elevator? Its that weird “my gut just shifted into my chest” feeling. Highly uncomfortable when you have it for over 4 hours and every breath you take you feel like chunks are going to fly out.

Around 7am Saturday morning I felt Preston got enough sleep and I cried, literally I cried, for a back massage. I finally fell asleep. He took care of Nyx for a few hours and I finally got up at around 1030am. I wanted to babysit my nephew Baby K that day. Get Nyx used to little ones and Preston to understand the feeling of 2 kids.

Let’s just say with a 4 year old and a 1 year old the day was not uneventful. It was more intense. Nyx was very competitive. Any time I gave Baby K a complement Nyx was sure to follow with, “I’m eating really good too mom.” . . . “I can take bigger bites mom.” . . . “I don’t use diapers mom.” I was cool with it though. I knew it was to be expected. Preston, well, he was a different story. He got strung out on having two wee ones. I had fun though.

Sunday was uneventful, but once again I had that incredibly monstrous back pains. Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe they were sympathy pains. Ya know because of Mo’s pregnancy. Maybe that’s it.

Nonetheless, I had a horrible nights rest on Sunday. Oh wait let me add to the pain. Once I was finally able to fall asleep Nyx started crying at 430. No more than 2 hours after I finally fell asleep, crying might I add. Nyx tossed and turned in his bed, finally giving in and climbing into our bed where he then got fed up with sleeping next to us that he grabbed his stuff and migrated back to his room at around 530am. Keeping track here? My alarm is set to go off at 6am. I laid there till then. Nyx and I were not on good terms by then. Me with the lack of sleep and Nyx not wanting to explain to me why he was crying or what was hurting.

Off to school and work we go. I picked him up 2 hours later because he couldn’t stop crying he was literally in pain. Pain in which he couldn’t explain to me. By this time he has already been crying for almost 5 hours.

Monday was then spent driving around trying to find out what’s wrong with Nyx. His regular pediatrician wasn’t able to see him till 330 and I knew I couldn’t wait that long so we had to put up with Dr. Wotring. With a name like that it I reluctantly wanted to see him. He couldn’t find anything wrong with my son and suggested I see his dentist because Nyx claims the pain is coming from his mouth. But in case of a possible infection we were prescribed antibiotics.

For the last 8 years I’ve been going to Longs for all of our prescriptions and why is it that day it took them over an hour to find my insurance information?!?!! Do they not see my son and I are both extremely tired, my son is crying nonstop and we just want to make this FAST?!?!?! I found children’s tylenol and finally Nyx calmed down, it was as if nothing was wrong with him. Thank you tylenol.

We headed over to our dentist, same dentist he went to almost 2 years ago and refused to cooperate. It was bad enough where they remembered him. I was advised that if he didn’t cooperate they would send him to a “specialist.” But do you honestly think that things could possibly go smoothly? Of course not. Nyx screamed and yelled. All he had to do was say “aaahhhh,” no poking, just looking. Nope. He cried, and cried, and cried some more. Instantly an appointment was made for us to see the “specialist,” on Tuesday.

What do I mean by specialist? Why dentists and dentist nurses are specially trained to hold down kids and open their mouths. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!?!

We finally got home around 230pm Nyx is still crying, falling in and out of sleep, and no way of truly consoling him. He cried to much that he clogged his sinus enough that he couldn’t pop his ears. How do I know this because he started freaking out about “hearing voices in his head,” and that “he couldn’t hear his voice.”

It was a horrible Monday night.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was much much better. In some sense. Our appointment was at 930. Nyx promised to cooperate and open his mouth. I explained to him what might happen if he didn’t. And I really thought they were just going to take some x-rays and clean his teeth or something. I was wrong. They talk to us for all of 5 minutes. Had him in the seat with 10 seconds, examined his teeth and found out which tooth was the culprit in less than 30 seconds and were drilling at his tooth within 2 minutes of being in the room. Nyx probably thinks I’m the biggest liar in the world. Two nurses holding him down, the dentist holding his head, and me?! Me being forced to hold his hands. Nyx cried, kicked, and fought to hard to get out of there. They drilled down to the nerve of his molar, filled it with this white stuff and gave him that silver crowning thing. We then had a consult, set up his check up for June and were sent off on our merry way. We were out of there by 10:14.

Fast recap appointment at 930. I got there at 923. I filled out at least 10 pages of paper work, waited another 10 minutes, consult, drill, consult, set up another appoint and off I was sent by 10:14. I think it went so fast that Nyx was still in a daze.

I felt horrible, but ya know what? Nyx didn’t cry again, the pain was gone, the voices were too, and he was back to being his happy chipper self again. But now when he smiles, I feel like I ruined his smile. His right second from the back molar is silver.

He calls it his bling bling. Damn this kid sometimes.




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28 04 2008

Wow, you definately had it rough! hope the rest of the week goes by better!

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