Almost done, but not.

6 03 2008

This is Day 5 of moving.

We are so close to finally being done with moving of crap.

Through the process  of packing, moving, and unpacking we are also getting the chance to get rid of somethings for donation. It’s hard for a pack rat like I. I grow so fond and attached to the smallest thing. A drawing I did back in 11th grade round 1 –  of which I screwed up, did some small scribbles over, and tossed it aside – is STILL in the piles of things to keep. Don’t ask me why. But I really loved how I did Cloud’s hair, yes Cloud from FF7, that I can’t part with it.

How about the numerous envelopes I wrote websites, logins, passwords on, etc that for the life of me I won’t write up on a new paper to have in one place. Instead I keep the hundreds of nonsense envelopes. Better yet my abused Raggedy Ann doll that reeks of oldness and mold. I can not bare to part with her even though I don’t remember playing with her too much when I was little. Yet there she sits in the new house awaiting to be stuffed into storage.

Here’s a good one, I’m sure every mother who gained a bit of weight from the kiddos probably has, a container(s) of pre-preggy/baby clothes. Clothes I’m sure I won’t fit into for another 5 years and when I finally fit into them they will be so out of style I’d be embarrassed to admit I ever bought it. As of right now I have two 32gallon rubber maid containers sitting in the new house.

Speaking of clothes. I always feel like I lack clothes all the time. I constantly fight to find something to wear everyday. And every 3 months I buy some new or a whole new wardrobe thinking I have nothing at home. Well I now have WAY too much clothes, even for a small country. I’m serious. So Salvation Army HERE I COME! Make room for my clothes and Nyx’s toys! Please believe me they are all in good condition.



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