I am the moving master!

2 03 2008

Or not.

Today was our first real day of moving. We told our landlords this morning and handed in our 30 day notice this afternoon. They took it pretty well actually. They asked about how soon we can be out and if we finished moving pretty fast that we can probably get back some of this months rent back. So obviously we got the ball moving because we could definitely use some of that money back.

I honestly feel we got at least a quarter of our stuff moved over. About 90% of Nyx’s room is moved over and practically set up in the new house. The only things left in his room is his entertainment unit, dresser and bed.

We also got to packing and unpacking about 95% of our library. Which consists mainly of all our school books, how to books, cooking books, and tons of car and gamer magazines. It was after doing this that we came to realize we need a MUCH bigger book self, but we must make do with what we have for now.

While I stayed in the new house trying to unpack and organize as quickly as I could to free up the rubbermaid containers, Preston was a champ and drove back and forth mindlessly packing up and unloading the Chevy today.

Although it really looks like we moved a lot, I came back home feeling like I accomplished very little. Which brought me to this conclusion, we are two of the most ridiculous pack rats I know. lol.

And tomorrow is another day. To add to it we have until 5pm to finish as much as we possibly can. I really want to have at least 50%  of our stuff in there tomorrow. It’s a bit insane, but fully do able. I just know that when it comes to the weekday I know we won’t feel like moving anything after a long days of work. And next weekend is our family time with Nyx so I know moving will be kept to the minimum.

Even after all that things are looking rather promising though. Preston’s coworkers are awesome enough to let us borrow their trucks for hauling big furniture. My friends are making themselves available if we need them to do some hardcore fast moving. Best of all I have Preston to keep a smile on my face when I’m freaking and/or stressing out.

Come Monday the only thing I have left to do is call the Electric and Gas company to let them know when to turn off the utilities for the apartment. I already turned the electric on for the new house, set up the installation day for our DVR/cable and internet, and the new house doesn’t have gas so no worries there. I’m feeling so grown up. It’s creepy.



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5 03 2008

Wanna move us? You’re still kicking more ass than we would, lol!

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