Hey Christopher Robbin share the shrooms.

29 01 2008

picture-45.jpgBeen pretty on it for the randomocity of the crap in my head. I was thinking about Winnie the Pooh. I love the Pooh. :O I remember when my parent’s really wanted me to choose Winnie the Pooh as Nyx’s ‘theme.’ I never really thought about his theme, but I was all about the H to the E to the double LL No! But just Eeyore would have been cool because we all know he was the shit, but I never couldn’t picture Pooh everything. Nonetheless my parents went forth and I used it because I needed the help where ever it came from.

To this day I am grateful for the crib, matching bed set, clothes, baby bags, stroller and car seat Pooh themed things from my parents. But I would have never bought it personally.

At that time I never knew why the whole Pooh brigade never appealed to be. I always felt that Pooh just made me feel off. Like something was wrong with Christopher Robbin’s friends.

Till today.

I know why.

They all did drugs.

I swear by that statement.

We shall start with the Pooh.

Pooh is a pretty calm happy guy. He loves to eat honey. In fact he loves eating. He’s pretty slow. And always the first to create some peace. So he is most definitely the pot head.

Piglet used to annoy me because he was so paranoid. I knew if he was my friend I couldn’t handle someone so paranoid and cautious of everything. Especially that jittery. Piglet falls into the type of person I keep my distance from, coke addicts. When I was in my drug phase, I hated coke. But I believe Piglet and Pooh got along because they were both paranoid.

Tigger was by far my favorite guy. I could totally picture myself hanging with him. At least my tweaker self from my 17 year old phase. He is constantly bouncing off the walls, the ceiling, well everything. He can’t stay still. He talks a million words a second and can pounce on you at any given point. He would the tweaker by far.

Eeyore was my kind of friend towards the end of my binge-ing days. Depressed about life, totally over anything, and made it seem like the world was coming to an end even if he wont the lottery. No matter you said to him or gave him he was above and beyond emo. He took downers. A lot.

Rabbit was the worst. Cranky easily irritated snap case. Always going after everyone that tries to touch his stuff and I’m sure his stash too. I could picture him having bear traps in his mail. Therefore, making him the heroin addict.

Last but not least, Christopher Robbin. Plain and simple, he did some damn good psychedelic drugs. Shrooms,  peyote, LSD, acid, something! What other drug is going to make you think your stuffed animals are really talking to you?!?!?!?!

Christopher Robbin should have been my ‘go to’ man.

I’ve always wanted to talk to my Rainbow Brite.

She was the Pooh.



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