Insanity = Being on it?!

23 01 2008

I think I’m literally going insane. I find my brain wondering off and worse yet back and forth between topics. See previous post. But when I’m finished taking pencils out of my nose I instantly jump on to everything that needs to be done. I cooked, cleaned the kitchen, created two new groups on PlanetMom, finished my TT and spent quite of bit of one on one quality time with Nyx. Then I’m off to dream land again.

I’m off thinking how cool it would be to sail off as ninjas.

What would I do if I started melting like the wicked witch?

Would my blood melt like candle wax?

I wonder what would really happen if the moon was to implode.

Can you believe that while those thoughts are running through my mind I’m also doing some hardcore planning too?  Planning for my investment into Janus Mutual Funds. Planning our savings plan. Making mental notes to call my cable company tomorrow.

It’s scary sometimes. In turn my body goes into auto pilot. When I ‘come to’ I’ll be at home with Nyx when I could have sworn I was just working. That really happened today. But without realizing it I already watered my herbs, changed my clothes, and gave Nyx his after school snack.

I guess if it works and I’m accomplishing things I should stick with this ‘program’, but it’s just crazy. Seriously, who the hell has that wicked of a self auto pilot?




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