Absolute Bliss

17 01 2008

I can’t even describe this last week. Nothing exciting really happened. Nothing new. I didn’t even buy any new toys for myself. This past week has just been nothing but awesomeness.

You want to know the sad thing about it? Preston has been gone all week. lol.

He has been in California for work since Saturday morning. I Saturday and a greater part of Sunday just to myself. Since Sunday evening till this afternoon it’s been Nyx and I. And now it’s just me again.

I’m happy because I feel like I actually did something this week.

*drum roll*

I cleaned my house! I can walk through my living room without stepping on any dvds, video games, controllers, our turtle, clothes, or any random toys. I can walk into my bedroom without tripping on any of our clean laundry. I go into my bathroom and it smells like lavenders. Literally. I can see my bathroom sink now. It’s actually white and beige! I walk into my kitchen without seen the piles of dishes or the 3 day old cooking on the stove.

I can live again!

Preston and I are always busy rushing around doing errands, working, and trying to maintain our relationship. We put chores off to spend time with Nyx because every week it feels like the hours in a day become less and less.

Tonight I’m finishing up our bedroom. I have not even gotten close to touching Nyx’s room. It’s almost impossible. I went in there only to have taken my first step and have the red power ranger stab me with his mystical wand, trip over Lightning McQueen’s town and land straight on top of a Nerf Gun.

On another note, noticed I’m using Nyx’s name now? Trying to be less paranoid.

But my laser death ray shield is still up.




One response

20 01 2008

I know I’ve been using the kids’ names for years, but I still have my death ray set to “kill” if ever there’s a need for it. 🙂 I think the only reason I started using their nicknames was because they’re quicker to write out. 😛
I’m waiting for nesting to kick in, but I think it ditched me. 😐 We have A LOT to do before the Bean comes home.

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