Thursday Thirteen #6

16 01 2008
13 New years Resolutions Goals
I know we are well into the 3rd week of the new year, but I really didn’t think about any goals for this year until last week. So here’s my list.
1. Save money. By the end of the year I want $3333.24 saved. Which means putting aside $277.77 every month. Why this much and that amount and especially so specific? Preston and I have a 3 year goal. Save $20,000 in 3 years.  To put towards a house or pay for half of my dream wedding. And  $3,333.24 is my half for this year.
2.  Post more vids and blog entries. I haven’t been using my web cam lately. Which is a disappointment for some personal friends in far off states. I have completely neglected my LiveVideo account for the greater part of last year. Blogging is my therapy. I need it for me. If I don’t blog I let things build up and makes me a huge mess.
3. Work out at least 3 times a week. I find myself completely exhausted and in lots of pain. And until my recent vacation it dawned on me that I’m exhausted and in pain because I am out of shape. I have the best gym on the island available to me for free. I must utilize it.
4. Back up my files to my external drive, online drive, and cds every week! I always put it off and end up trying to catch up on 3 months of work. My last back up was Sept. 07.
5.  Overcome my paranoia and over protectiveness of my son. If I continue being insanely protective it will hinder his growth of being an independent person and probably grow up to be paranoid and crazy like me.
6. Try to make friends online. I’m a really out going person and love meeting and talking to people, but some how I lack the ability to make friends online. Not that my off line friends aren’t good enough, but online friends are great too. This is a sad resolution, but my online networking skills suck and it bothers me. So I must work on this.
7. Boost my imagination skills. My son’s imagination is now surpassing mine and I want to be able to nourish that growing brain of his. Plus a couch is better when it’s a pirate-space-trampoline-camp-monster diversion-army tank-ship that creates hot salsa for chips.
8. Not be materialistic. Last year I bought a lot of things I wanted rather than needed. Sure it’s nice to have all the new trendy things, but I have other things I need to invest my money and time in.
9.  Be more prompt. I hate holding the Procrastination Queen title. Even if it was self inflicted. I want to be more on time and stick to dead lines. I’m practically late with everything. Bills, work, Dr. appointments, parties, taxes, etc.
10. Maintenance on my car. In the two years of owning my car I haven’t done a complete overhaul on maintenance needs. I’ve changed the oil, oil filters, brakes, but haven’t changed the belts, the transmission oil or even flushed out my radiator. I’m happy she puts up with me.
11.  Sign up for classes in the fall and stick with it the whole semester. I get myself so tied up playing catch up every where else in my life I neglect school. Which in turn I need to drop out half way through the semester.
12. Learn, Research and Invest in Mutual Funds, Bonds, and/or Stocks. I’m 23 and I don’t want to work my whole life. Yet alone I don’t want to struggle and worry about future mishaps. This is the best way.
13. Have fun this year. I do have fun, but I spend most of my time worrying, freaking out, and stressing over things. I need to relax and don’t think the worst thing will happen all the time.



7 responses

16 01 2008
Lazy Daisy

All good thoughts and suggestions. Pace yourself and don’t try to do all of them right away.

16 01 2008
16 01 2008

I hope you achieve all your goals and have fun doing it!!

16 01 2008

Have a good year and above all I hope you achieve #13

17 01 2008

Hi..I’m also trying to work on #6..

17 01 2008

wow that’s a lot to try to do!!
thirteen is the one you should concentrate on 😉

17 01 2008
Working at Home Mom

great list and I hope that you achieve your goals.

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